How I Lost My Weight… And Kept It Off

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How I Lost My Weight… And Kept It Off Back in 2013, I was verging in on the dangerously overweight category. Closing in near 100kg, I pretended to be happy while emotionally eating my way through the dissatisfaction that my life had become. My clothes were constantly tight and uncomfortable and if anyone asked me to be in a photograph, I would either decline or ‘try to smile’. It was while I was on a European Christmas vacation that I began to realise how unhappy I actually was. Each snapshot reflected back to me this person who was pretending to smile but who knew that life wasn’t going the way it was supposed to. My relationship, a decade in, was strong but lacked communication and had become stale. I was a high achiever at my job and had amazing teammates but I didn’t feel connected to it anymore. I began to realise that my life seemed to lack meaning and that I had to make some big changes. While away, I began to contemplate all the areas in my life that needed change so that, upon my return, I could put things immediately into action. By the end of 2014,…

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