Book Review: The Happiness Trap

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Book Review: The Happiness Trap Dr Russ Harris If there is one book that I am constantly handing out to clients and having to repurchase, it is ‘The Happiness Trap’. At the heart of this book is the framework for ACT (pronounced ACT, not A.C.T.) which stands for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Within that are a series of metaphors, explanations, and techniques that, when taken the time to utilise in your day to day, can have a rather profound effect on your life. That’s a big claim, I know. For that, let me explain a little bit more about why this book is so important. One of the first things this book sets out to do is to break us free of the shackles of our fairy tale existence where we grow up believing that life is about aiming to achieve a constant state of happiness. As Dr Harris points out, this is an unrealistic expectation to hold onto and can actually limit us from being able to be fully present in the moment and aiming to have a life that is, instead, rich, full and meaningful. Sitting comfortably with your emotions The Happiness Trap offers up a new insight…

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The Truth About Hypnotherapy and Smoking Cessation

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The Truth About Hypnotherapy and Smoking Cessation When explaining that I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist to people, the one (serious) question that I’m asked more than any other is, “Can you make me stop smoking?” Of course, the first is, “Can you make me cluck like a chicken?” Chicken sounds aside, smoking cessation (or quitting smoking) seems to be viewed as one of the top functions for any hypnotherapist and, in my experience, it is also pushed as being the number one ‘bread and butter’ services that any credible hypnotherapist can offer. And why shouldn’t it be? When you consider the many reasons why people would want to quit, ranging from cancer through to how costly the habit is through to the effects on their physical fitness, smoking is a habit that is increasingly looking more and more outdated and old-fashioned. But does it actually work? And if it does, why does it work? At the risk of sharing some of the secrets of my profession, I thought it was time to take a look at the facts and the techniques behind hypnotherapy and smoking cessation. While empirical research has been limited to the area, there are strings of testimonials on…

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