Being OK With Not Being OK

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If you’re like me, you may be thinking that 2016 has been one of the more difficult years we’ve experienced in a while. It seems like every day, as I check into my social media and see what is happening in the lives of my friends, this year has been riddled with challenging situations, difficult decisions and most painful of all, loss. Even as therapists and counsellors, we are not immune to these difficult experiences. I’ve personally had a very challenging past month and have recently noticed my own feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, anger and even rage coming to the surface. While I am no stranger to these emotions, when they do present themselves in my life, they come as something of a surprise as they’re feelings we feel so infrequently, and when we do, so uncomfortably. The rage is especially challenging. It seems to be fuelled by a combination of hopelessness and self-anger for being unable to control what life is throwing at us. It bubbles under the surface and then we find something small and insignificant can trigger it off. When you find that a car taking too long to turn a corner or people taking too long…

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SHAME Buster Workshop

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Hypnotherapy HQ presents – “SHAME busters…”Its a shame about SHAME” self development workshop facilitated by Lawrence Akers and Joe Busuttil. “This workshop developed out of our life-changing experience in discovering and exploring our own bypassed shame – and our extensive reading of the shame literature. As therapists and facilitators we found that our new ability to identify and explore shame vastly expanded our capacity to help clients to heal their shame and come to peace with themselves. It became clear to us that we needed to pass on what we had discovered. We are extremely gratified by the overwhelmingly positive response the “Shame-buster” Workshop is receiving. “Shame is something that gets between a person and their soul – their self-expression, their relationships, their sense of self. Much of the material we bring to this workshop comes from many years working with clients, and coming to understand the all-pervasive shame that permeates their day to day experience. It also comes from our own journey with coming out as gay. We have helped clients who are caught in a horrible dance of shame and blame. We have discovered ways to support people in confronting their shame and growing beyond it to a…

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