What Is Shame (Really)?

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What Is Shame… Really. Have you ever had a secret? One that you felt was so bad that, if discovered by others, you would fear that they would no longer want to associate with you? And so you just kept it quiet, carrying that secret around with you as your ‘dark little secret’. Or have you ever felt that you were simply not good enough? Perhaps just waiting to be discovered as the fake that you tell yourself that you are? Have you ever felt so different from others that it just played on your mind? You played along with the situation, hoping that you could assimilate in but deep down, you knew that you were just playing along so that you could fit in? Or perhaps you felt you were being judged by others and simply not living up to their expectations? Your mother always telling you that you’re doing it wrong and ‘why can’t you be just like your older brother who has it all together?’ If any of the above sounds like a situation you’ve found yourself in, then you may be dealing with shame. Defining Shame The word shame has been used in so many different…

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What Therapy Is (And Isn’t)

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What Therapy Is (And Isn’t) Recently, I got into an interesting discussion with someone who had been seeing a psychologist for therapy for a little while. He told me how he had been frequently frustrated in therapy as his psychologist just ‘didn’t tell him what he should do’. The more I challenged him on this belief, the more he became firm that this is what therapy should be for him. What therapy isn’t. The thing about therapy is that it isn’t about you telling your therapist what is troubling you in life and your therapist simply reeling off a list of answers like some old, wise guru that you should go and follow. It isn’t that way for a few reasons. Firstly, you’re working on the assumption that your therapist knows all the answers to all the problems that life has to offer. Now, your therapist is just a normal, everyday person. Chances are that they have problems of their own that they need to work through. It would be a completely unrealistic expectation to think that your therapist knew how to handle everything nor would they want the responsibility and pressure of being that ‘know it all’. Secondly, what…

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Mentor’s Corner – Parts Therapy with Melanie Canning

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HYPNO & CHAT THERAPY – MENTOR’S CORNER Remember what it was like when you first learned Parts Therapy? Think back for a moment to the first time you learned Parts Therapy. If you were like me, you may have been excited yet confused about all the possibilities that existed with this technique. What if Parts didn’t come forward? Or what if so many came forward, you were confused about which Part was what? Over time, as you explored working with Parts Therapy, you may have had your own experiences that you hadn’t thought of when you were learning it. I myself have had instances where Parts have come forward that could not be named or weren’t able to identify their function. When you have experiences like that early on, it can easily put you off utilising Parts Therapy for fear of getting it wrong. As you can imagine, it is important to continue to fine tune our craft and techniques to ensure that we can provide the best service possible to our clients as well as to give us the confidence and skill that we need to provide a top shelf service. That’s what Mentors Corner is all about; being…

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Top Tips For Recording Your Hypnotherapy Scripts

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Top Tips For Recording Your Hypnotherapy Scripts Technology has made it increasingly easier over the years for many hypnotherapists to produce high-quality audio hypnotherapy recordings at home yet one of the things I have repeatedly noticed over the years I’ve worked in this industry is that many hypnotherapists (and, for that matter, therapists in general) seem to be rather ‘technophobic’. And, quite simply, there is no reason to be. I often think of my mother who once told me she was afraid to go on her computer in case she ‘did something wrong and broke the internet’. I let her know that the internet was more likely to break her unfortunately than anything she could do. Over time and with experience, that fear has managed to subside nicely and while the internet isn’t something that is necessarily her cup of tea, she knows that her ability to damage it is pretty limited. So why would a hypnotherapist want to embrace technology and learn how to record audio of their scripts? From a business perspective, these recordings are incredibly useful in either being offered out in return for prospective client’s details so that they can be marketed to. When you consider…

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