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Ten Myths About Smoking That Will Not Die

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Ten myths about smoking that will not die Simon Chapman, University of Sydney Across forty years I’ve come to recognise many factoid-driven myths about smoking that just won’t die. If I asked for a dollar each time I had to refute these statements, I’d have accumulated a small fortune. Their persistence owes much to their being a vehicle for those who utter them to express unvoiced but clear sub-texts that reflect deeply held beliefs about women, the disadvantaged, mental illness, government health campaigns and the “natural”. Let’s drive a stake through the heart of ten of the most common myths. 1. Women and girls smoke more than men and boys Women have never smoked more than men. Occasionally, a survey will show one age band where it’s the other way around, but from the earliest mass uptake of smoking in the first decades of last century, men streaked out way ahead of women. In 1945 in Australia, 72% of men and 26% of women smoked. By 1976, men had fallen to 43% and women had risen to 33%. As a result, men’s tobacco-caused death rates have always been much higher than those of women. Women’s lung cancer rates, for example,…

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What Do Cats Wanting Attention Teach Us About Acceptance?

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What Do Cats Wanting Attention Teach Us About Acceptance? Have you ever tried working on the computer when you have a cat in the room with you? I’m sure the cat owners reading this know exactly what I mean. You know when your cat is in one of their persistent moods and they really want your attention. Depending on how you’re feeling, you might find this sudden need for attention from an animal that is infamously aloof to be heartwarming, or perhaps amusing, or sometimes even annoying when you have a deadline to face or when you find that it is breaking your focus and taking away your attention from where you would like it to be. I don’t know about you but when that has happened to me, I’ve often found that I am faced with a few choices. The first is to try to ignore the cat. Now, I do believe it was Yoda who famously said, ‘do or do not, there is no try’, and I suspect that he may have never had a cat. He is kind of right though, since ‘try’ often indicates make an attempt or an effort. It’s like when a friend says…

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OUTthink – Craig Mack – How To Ask R U Ok?

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OUTthink – Craig Mack – How To Ask R U Ok? R U Ok Everyday? While ‘R U Ok? Day’ is in September, it is important to realise that we should make every day a day where you can ask if someone you love and care about is ok. If you can notice that they’re not being their usual self and you suspect that something is wrong, sometimes the simple act of asking someone if they’re ok can make an absolute world of difference. Some people have an absolute knack of being able to just ask the question while others can find exploring a friend’s emotional state to be perhaps a little confronting. In this episode of OUThink, we’re stepping a little outside of our usual LGBT demographic focus to talk about how to have these conversations with anyone. Joining us on this episode is Mental Health advocate, LGBT speaker and ambassador for ‘R U Ok? Day’, Craig Mack. About Craig Mack Watch the latest episode and you’ll understand why it is hard not to absolutely adore Craig and why he is such an amazing speaker. Craig is a public speaker, talking about issues such as LGBT advocacy, mental health,…

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Understanding Hypnosis

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Understanding Hypnosis Why is understanding hypnosis beneficial? You might’ve seen videos of hypnotists on stage making people pretend to be rock stars or quacking like a duck. You might’ve read about people who made out that they went to see a hypnotist and, through the magic of hypnotism, ‘put them under’ and then seemingly removed the issue so that, when they ‘awoke’, the problem no longer existed. These are all fairly unrealistic ideals about what hypnosis actually is and could go towards creating some misconception about hypnosis actually ‘works’. If you’re planning to go and see a hypnotherapist to work on an issue, an understanding of what hypnosis is will allow you to relax, enjoy the experience and assist you in obtaining a potentially even better result. What is hypnosis? Have you ever been on a train and noticed how people seemed to be staring off into space. You can tell that they’re deeply transfixed on a thought that is bringing their focus inwards and absorbing their attention. Sometimes that absorption may be so deep that they could have someone they know walk up to them and have to wave their hand in front of their face to raise their…

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New September ‘Recording For Hypnotherapist Workshop’ Date

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New September ‘Recording for Hypnotherapists Workshop’ Date What is the ‘Recording for Hypnotherapists Workshop? Do you rely upon one-on-one sessions with your clients to earn your income? Have you ever considered creating a passive revenue stream with online hypnosis downloads but don’t know where to start? Are you keen to start a podcast that helps cement your position as an industry specialist but wouldn’t even know where to begin? Maybe you’re like Emma who was employed to work with sporting professionals and, as part of her job, had to produce countless recordings each week. By the end of this workshop, she could see how to not only produce better quality but also had a strategy in place to literally half the time required to produce the finished recordings. Now up to our 11th workshop, ‘Recording for Hypnotherapists Workshop’ helps to teach hypnotherapists who might be intimidated by technology how to get the best results they can with the equipment that they already have. In fact, we’re yet to have any participant not walk away from the workshop feeling empowered and capable of producing great quality audio recordings that they can use to help grow their business in some way. This…

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Experiencing Stress? Download our FREE Relaxation Hypnosis

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Experiencing Stress? Download our FREE Relaxation Hypnosis! Everyday stress Everyone knows what it feels like to experience stress. Whether it be from work or relationships or finances or unexpected events in life, stress is a part of everyday life and, for many people, stress is on the rise as people find it harder and harder to just switch off. If you’re feeling like that, you’re not alone. According to Medibank research, the incidence of stress had peaked at the time of the research with the number of Australians affected rising from 3.7 million 2007-08 to over 4.9 million in 2016-17. What is stress Stress, in everyday terms, is a feeling that people have when they are overloaded and struggling to cope with demands. (source) It’s important to understand that stress, while uncomfortable to experience, does often serve a beneficial purpose. Stress helps the body to prepare when it suspects it is in danger. It’s hardwired into our psyche and allows the has the body going into the ‘fight or flight’ response and provide the motivation needed to get things done. However, when stress becomes all consuming and you feel incapable of responding, it can be completely cripple people too. Pick…

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What Do Dogs In a Park Teach Us About Our Emotions?

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What Do Dogs In a Park Teach Us About Our Emotions? It’s a walk in the park Have you ever gone for a walk in a park on a beautiful day? I’ve often found this simple pleasure to be something that just grounds me and allows me to become a content observer. Walking through the park, I’ll come across a wide variety of people going about their day, taking a break from work or going for a job although my favourite tends to be people taking their dogs out for a walk. I simply love watching dogs. Apart from being simply adorable to look at, you have to love their spirit. They always mean well. They’re always there to protect their owner at a moments notice and will switch from playful and joyous one moment to being on alert and guarding the next. Even the smallest of dogs can sometimes forget their size and take on the responsibility of guarding their owners. Have you seen what happens when dogs start to approach each other? Some will be playful and friendly, generally sniffing parts we steer clear of as a way of saying hello. Others, though, may immediately stand on guard….

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OUTthink – Stuart Fenton – Talking about Addiction

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OUTthink – Stuart Fenton – Talking about Addiction Talking About Addiction Drug addiction, especially ice addiction, has sadly become a little more commonplace in the LGBT community. Chemsex amongst gay men has seen an increase in recent years, usually involving a mix of methamphetamines, GHB and Viagra resulting in ‘play’ that could potentially go on for days. For some gay men, despite doing it on a weekly basis, they believe they’re still in control. For others, they recognise just how out of control they actually are and know that they need to stop to reclaim their lives. There are functioning addicts and there are those who will go for a bender and then need days in bed before they can do anything. The question remains though – when does a user go from being a user to becoming an addict, and is this something that they recognise within themselves or is it something that is greeted with denial and secrecy. While there is a lot of talk around ice use within the LGBT community, those who indulge in the activity tend to feel like it is there ‘shameful little secret’, and this lack of willingness to discuss it and the…

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OUTthink – Dr Tracie O’Keefe – Equality, Addiction and Resilience

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OUTthink Podcast: A Chat with Dr. Tracie O’Keefe about Equality, Addiction, and Resilience A bit about Dr O’Keefe Tracie is an internationally renowned Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Mental Health Professional, Motivational Speaker and Trainer who has extensive experience in family and couples therapy, sex therapy and addictions therapy. With over 20 years experience, Tracie specializes in building resilience and staying motivated as well as overcoming crisis and trauma. She has helped over 20,000 clients over many years in her clinics in London and Sydney to change their lives for the better. Currently, the Director of the Australian Health and Education Centre, Tracie is the author of seven books, including her latest Amazon number 1 bestseller ‘Inspiration for Survive and Prosper: Personal Transformation Out of Crisis’, a practical self-help book that helps people to recover from any crisis or trauma – fast. For more information on Dr Tracie O’Keefe, you can visit her website. About OUTthink – An LGBT Podcast OUTthink is a fortnightly podcast aimed at shining a light into topics of mental health and mental wellbeing relating to the LGBTQIA+ community. As a community, we need to be able to discuss topics that are uniquely related to the gay,…

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‘OUTthink – An LGBT Podcast’ Is Now On Spotify

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‘OUTthink – An LGBT Podcast’ Is Now On Spotify OUTthink is now on Spotify With the new season of OUTthink beginning last month, we’re excited to share that you can now find OUTthink on Spotify. One of the things we’ve always tried to do is to make our little podcast as accessible as possible. You can download OUTthink via Podomatic, subscribe to it via iTunes and stream it also on Youtube. To keep up to date with all the latest episodes, subscribe to our OUTthink Facebook page. OUTthink – Season 2 The first episode of season 2 was released on April 1st and featured Daniel Witthaus discussing life for LGBT people in rural and remote areas along with the work that he has done in combatting homophobia. The next episode of season 2 will be published on Tuesday May 1st and will feature an interview with Sydney based therapist Dr Tracie O’Keefe – don’t miss it! We’re still in the process of recording guests however we’ve been thrilled with some of the interviews we’ve got coming up and hope to continue to share great stories, insights and bring awareness to the mental health issues that impact on the LGBTQIA community….

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