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Getting Mental Health On The Line – Weekending 25/6/17 – Jeffrey Zeig Special

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Getting Mental Health On The Line – Weekending 25/06/17 – Jeffrey Zeig Special This week, we’re doing something a little different with our ‘Getting Mental Health On The Line’ blog. We have an enormous amount of admiration and respect for Jeffrey Zeig. As someone who trained with Milton Erickson and who set up the Milton Erickson Foundation, Dr Zeig is just a wealth of knowledge. This weekly series has been set up to offer five minute tips in therapy around a range of topics. 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 00: Introduction 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 01: Anxiety 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 02: Grief 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 03: Depression 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 04: Pain 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 05: Smoking Cessation 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 06: Meta Model – Establishing Goals 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 07: Meta Model – Gift Wrapping 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 08: Meta Model – Tailoring 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 09: Meta Model – Process 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 10: Meta Model – Who Will You Be As A Psychotherapist? 5 Minute Therapy Tips…

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The Fur Kids: How Important Pets Are To Our Family

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The Fur Kids: How Important Pets Are To Our Family Today is a day of celebration for my partner and I. Today, we welcomed a new member to our family. He might be small, about 13 weeks old, has fur and a tail, but we couldn’t be happier. Since my partner and I met close to 14 years ago, we’ve had pets in our lives. Within the first year of meeting, I had adopted a little fur ball named Caspar and that cat took us from being a couple to being a family. We adored that kitten as he was cheeky, tenacious and certainly had a sense of humour. Some of my favourite memories of Caspar as a kitten range between him chasing my partner around the house by biting at his ankles through to playing this game with us where he would attack anything that moved under the bed cover. When Caspar was one year old, we adopted a second fur child; Sambuca. We did this because we thought Caspar could be getting lonely and we had come to the conclusion that pets were often better in pairs. Watching the two grow up together brought us so much enjoyment,…

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Being OK With Not Being OK

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If you’re like me, you may be thinking that 2016 has been one of the more difficult years we’ve experienced in a while. It seems like every day, as I check into my social media and see what is happening in the lives of my friends, this year has been riddled with challenging situations, difficult decisions and most painful of all, loss. Even as therapists and counsellors, we are not immune to these difficult experiences. I’ve personally had a very challenging past month and have recently noticed my own feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, anger and even rage coming to the surface. While I am no stranger to these emotions, when they do present themselves in my life, they come as something of a surprise as they’re feelings we feel so infrequently, and when we do, so uncomfortably. The rage is especially challenging. It seems to be fuelled by a combination of hopelessness and self-anger for being unable to control what life is throwing at us. It bubbles under the surface and then we find something small and insignificant can trigger it off. When you find that a car taking too long to turn a corner or people taking too long…

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