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OUTthink – When Joey Dumped Keane

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OUTthink – When Joey Dumped Keane (Or When Friends Just Disappear) What did I do? In this episode of OUTthink, we’re going to take a look at what happens when you start to lose friends and you’re not entirely sure why. For most people, their circle of friends is absolutely vital to them. For the LGBT community, who may not always have the support of their families, their friends might be the closest thing they have instead. So what happens when you have friends who suddenly seem to just disappear on you? The ones who just ‘went strange’ and no longer wanted to talk to you? The ones who accused you of being something that you’re completely not? Even the ones who you would’ve said knew you better than anyone else, and then they just vanish? For many people, it can bring up deep-rooted feelings of not fitting in, of being flawed, of not being loveable. For others, it may leave them constantly wondering what they did wrong as they go on an endless search to find meaning to an otherwise meaningless event. Even in this current political climate where the emotions of the LGBT community can be heightened from…

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OUTthink – Talking About Marriage Equality with Joe Busuttil

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OUTthink – Talking About Marriage Equality with Joe Busuttil OUTthink returns just as the debate on same sex marriage heats up While we only took a short break, the reignition of the marriage equality debate proved to be something truly worth discussing. Even the Australian Medical Association recognises marriage equality as being a physical and mental health issue. For Joe and I, the discussion isn’t so much about wanting to marry as it is around being seen as equal and able to explore that option if we decided that was what we wanted to do. For many LGBTQIA couples in long term relationship, the ability to have marriage equality is going to see them have the same rights and experiences as their non-LGBTQIA family and friends. The debate leading up to the postal vote is only going to get nastier and nastier, and it will be wise for LGBTQIA folk to distance themselves from some of the more hateful and personal attacks that they may encounter over the course of the next few months. Time out from social media and being able to recognise that the insecurities being projected say more about the people making the claims than them themselves…

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Polly Filla Drag Queen Aaron Walker OUTthink Podcast LGBT Psychology Drag

OUTthink – Polly Filla – The Psychology of Drag

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OUTthink – Polly Filla – The Psychology of Drag What prompts a gay man to become a drag queen? Or, for that matter, a lesbian to become a drag king? Is it performance art? Is it a psychological mask? Is it a creation of ‘someone more fabulous’, aimimng to reach more visually for the ‘ideal self’? Love them or hate them, drag queens and kings are often seen as the face of the gay community. They’re highly visual and recognisable, whereas many gay men will go through life not being ‘obvious’. You could see them as the court jester or as some form of demi-god; the reality is that, when in drag, another version of their self comes forward and they can often get away with so much more than they would out of drag. You also need to consider those drag performers who have been almost covert in their activism. Legendary Melbourne performer Kerrie Le Gore was instrumental in bringing the Safe Sex message to the Melbourne community when it desperately needed. A little while back, I wrote an article on the psychology of drag and I thought it might be interesting to turn the topic into an OUTthink…

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David Clark Lime Green Solutions OUTthink Podcast Release Hypnosis Melbourne Hypnotherapy Counselling Exploring Bipolar Disorder

OUTthink Podcast – David Clark On Exploring Bipolar Disorder

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OUTthink Podcast – David Clark On Exploring Bipolar Disorder David Clark was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder back in 2011. Up until that point, he had absolutely no idea that he had been living with bipolar although he acknowledges that there had been signs. In this OUTthink, David shares his experience of being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, the experience of ‘brain snaps’ and how he has been able to take this diagnosis and turn it into something positive. About Our Guest, David Clark Dave is an accredited Master Practitioner in NLP, drawing on past skills and experience as a Project Manager and Business Excellence Model assessor. During his career he has worked in a variety of fields including social research, evaluation, training, project management, change management and Board capacity and capability development. More recently he has embarked on a more personal voyage of discovery exploring the field of personal development and is now coaching others drawing on the skills, knowledge and experience he has gathered over the past 25 years. For more information about David, check out his website The Lime Green Solutions. You can also find information about David’s book ‘WTF! Life Is Not Always What It Seems’ on Amazon…

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Lawrence Akers Release Hypnosis OUTthink LGBT Podcast Hypnotherapy Counselling Melbourne Hide and Seek JOY FM

Release Hypnosis’s Lawrence Akers on JOY FM

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Release Hypnosis’s Lawrence Akers on JOY FM Many years ago… in fact, back in my 20s, I used to have a radio show on JOY FM. It wasn’t much of a success. To be honest, I think I look back and even cringe a little. It was, however, at a time when both JOY FM and I personally were finding our feet. Twenty years on and I like to think we’re both a little older, wiser, and far more professional. After recently appearing on an episode of OUTthink, Dean Beck very kindly returned the favour and asked me to come in and do an episode of JOY FM’s highly rating Wednesday night show ‘Hide and Seek’. Despite trying to conceal a hideous cold, I made my way into the studio. Hoping that the cold and flu tablets were not going to reduce my to a rambling mess (yes, they were original recipe on demand so that I could actually breath properly!), I had to admit that Dean and Ben made it a really enjoyable experience. I know I walked out afterwards thinking that it really didn’t feel like an hour and that there were some questions that we began to…

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DJ Magnus Dean OUTthink LGBT Podcast Exploring Anxiety Release Hypnosis Melbourne Hypnotherapy Counselling

OUTthink – Magnus Dean Shares His Experiences With Anxiety

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OUTthink – Magnus Dean Shares His Experiences With Anxiety When you think of a DJ, quite often the image that comes to mind is the image of ‘complete cool’, having fun behind the decks and controlling the mood of the dancefloor via his choice of tunes. While that perception can often play out in other people’s realities, just like any form of high profile person, they can have insecurities and anxieties as large and overwhelming as anyone else. Magnus Dean is Australian gay DJ royalty. His high energy sets have assured him a place on most big party line-ups and his love of music is obvious from the moment you first start chatting to him. In this OUTthink, he openly shares his struggle with anxiety and even how music has helped to pull him through some of those difficult times. There are few of us who are untouched by anxiety and, in some ways, anxiety serves a valuable purpose. I’ve often used the metaphor of a smoke alarm; when it is functioning properly, the smoke alarm can help bring our attention to danger and offer us an opportunity to deal with the situation appropriately. If the smoke alarm goes off…

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OUTthink Now Has a Home On Facebook

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OUTthink Now Has a Home On Facebook You mean it hasn’t been there all along? I know! Right! So we’ve fixed that and you can now OUTthink has it’s very own page on Facebook along with the Release Hypnosis Facebook page. You now have the option to like one or the other, or both! Each podcast will also be uploaded against the Facebook page to make it easier for you to find. Of course, if you enjoy the podcasts, why not feel free to share the Facebook page with your friends and encourage them to give it a LIKE so they can be informed when each new fortnightly podcast is published. We’ve covered a wide range of topics already since starting in November last year and our commitment is to making the podcast even more diverse and even controversial topics. Having said that, if you have a story that you think is worth sharing and that may help others within the LGBT community, then why not drop me a line so that we can chat further and see if we can get your story out there with OUTthink.

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Anthony Lekkas OUTthink Same Sex Domestic Violence

OUTthink – Anthony Lekkas Talks On Same-Sex Domestic Violence

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OUTthink – Anthony Lekkas Talks On Same-Sex Domestic Violence Domestic violence is a massive problem in our society yet we often don’t stop to think about how domestic violence can impact on LGBT relationships. In a world where male ‘rough and tumble’ can often be normalised, how does domestic violence become understood within a same-sex relationship. In this episode of OUTthink, Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Facilitator, Anthony Lekkas explores what domestic violence is (across emotional and physical) along with the impact that it has on the LGBT community. About out guest, Anthony Lekkas Anthony is a qualified and registered counsellor and psychotherapist with the Australian Counselling Association. He has over ten years of experience at working in the not-for-profit sector at providing therapeutic services to young people, adults and couples. Anthony also has experience at facilitating a range of therapeutic and support groups. Anthony’s professional work experience has given him the privilege to support various relationship circumstances for relationship strengthening, conflict resolution, family separation and family/ domestic violence. Anthony provides a non-judgemental, understanding and safe environment for you to explore your relationship tensions and difficulties in order to arrive at a more equal, compassionate, nurturing and loving bond. Anthony’s work history…

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Hypnosis Downloads Audio Hypnotherapy Recording for Hypnotherapists Workshop

Why Every Hypnotherapist Should Learn How To Record

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Why Every Hypnotherapist Should Learn How To Record Consider this, what is one of the most valuable tools a hypnotherapist has? Of course, it’s their voice. Sure, we learn a whole string of techniques and therapeutic approaches in order to offer therapy to our clients however, without the voice to deliver them, we may struggle to get any real form of outcome. It’s our voice that is really our definable tool and one that allows us to do what we want to do successfully. I’m an advocate for every hypnotherapist learning how to record their voice. It is our tool of the trade. It can often be one of the reasons someone may choose to come and see you because they feel that you have the right voice for them. They’ve heard it and they can feel that relaxation immediately. It gives them the confidence that you’re the right therapist for them. For those who are unsure, here are some of the top reasons why you should learn how to record your sessions. Attract new clients Have you been to one of those websites where they offer you a free download in return for your name and email address? This…

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OUTthink Scott Brennan LGBT Comedy Humour Release Hypnosis Melbourne Hypnotherapy Counselling

OUTthink – Scott Brennan Returns To Talk LGBT And Comedy

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OUTthink – Scott Brennan Returns to Talk LGBT and Comedy The latest OUTthink has comedian, writer, producer, actor and Golden Gibbo Award winner, Scott Brennan return to conclude our chat on gay men and their use of humour as being both the butt of the joke as well as using humour and comedy as a defence mechanism. Last podcast, Scott talked about how he used humour during his school days in order to fit in with the rest of the group and how it has impacted on how he writes comedy for the mainstream audience. This time around, we continue our chat on the film ‘The Boys In The Band’ as well as looking at some of our favourite gay characters from television series in the past. This podcast is part 2 of a 2 part podcast. Part 1 is available in the links under About OUTthink Podcast below. Since releasing this podcast, I’ve come across another Youtube video that may be of interest to people with this topic. About Scott Brennan Scott is an actor, comedian and writer who has appeared in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, countless television shows including skitHouse, Comedy Inc, Agony Uncles and Neighbours, podcaster…

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