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Getting Mental Health On The Line – Weekending 25/6/17 – Jeffrey Zeig Special

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Getting Mental Health On The Line – Weekending 25/06/17 – Jeffrey Zeig Special This week, we’re doing something a little different with our ‘Getting Mental Health On The Line’ blog. We have an enormous amount of admiration and respect for Jeffrey Zeig. As someone who trained with Milton Erickson and who set up the Milton Erickson Foundation, Dr Zeig is just a wealth of knowledge. This weekly series has been set up to offer five minute tips in therapy around a range of topics. 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 00: Introduction 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 01: Anxiety 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 02: Grief 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 03: Depression 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 04: Pain 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 05: Smoking Cessation 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 06: Meta Model – Establishing Goals 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 07: Meta Model – Gift Wrapping 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 08: Meta Model – Tailoring 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 09: Meta Model – Process 5 Minute Therapy Tips – Episode 10: Meta Model – Who Will You Be As A Psychotherapist? 5 Minute Therapy Tips…

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Quitting Smoking Reduces Stress, Depression and Anxiety

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Quitting smoking reduces stress, depression and anxiety Fron Jackson-Webb, The Conversation Quitting smoking is associated with reduced depression and anxiety, and has a similar effect to antidepressant drugs for mood disorders, British researchers have found. Published today in the journal BMJ, the study shows the improvement in mood, stress levels and quality of life is as large among the general population as those with existing mental health disorders. The researchers, from the universities of Birmingham, Oxford and Kings College London, set out to test the assumption that tobacco improves users’ mood. “Although most smokers report wanting to quit, many continue as they report that smoking provides them with mental health benefits,” the authors said in the paper. The researchers analysed the results of 26 studies that assessed the mental health of participants before and after they quit. Participants had an average age of 44, smoked around 20 cigarettes a day, and were followed up for an average of six months. They found consistent evidence that stopping smoking is associated with improvements in depression, anxiety, stress, psychological quality of life, and positive feelings compared with continuing smoking. The effect sizes are equal or larger than those of antidepressant treatment for mood…

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The Truth About Hypnotherapy and Smoking Cessation

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The Truth About Hypnotherapy and Smoking Cessation When explaining that I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist to people, the one (serious) question that I’m asked more than any other is, “Can you make me stop smoking?” Of course, the first is, “Can you make me cluck like a chicken?” Chicken sounds aside, smoking cessation (or quitting smoking) seems to be viewed as one of the top functions for any hypnotherapist and, in my experience, it is also pushed as being the number one ‘bread and butter’ services that any credible hypnotherapist can offer. And why shouldn’t it be? When you consider the many reasons why people would want to quit, ranging from cancer through to how costly the habit is through to the effects on their physical fitness, smoking is a habit that is increasingly looking more and more outdated and old-fashioned. But does it actually work? And if it does, why does it work? At the risk of sharing some of the secrets of my profession, I thought it was time to take a look at the facts and the techniques behind hypnotherapy and smoking cessation. While empirical research has been limited to the area, there are strings of testimonials on…

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