NOTE: This will be the last Recording for Hypnotherapists Workshop for 2016 and the last in this current format.

This workshop will teach you how to get the best possible hypnosis recordings with the equipment that you have. After this workshop, you’ll have all the skills you need to create recordings that can be used to give away on your website to build a client base, to offer to your clients to listen to between sessions, to sell on your online store or to even create a podcast to help promote your business!

I began running these workshops as I noticed just how technophobic hypnotherapists (and therapists in general) seemed to be. I kept wondering why that was, and when I did the research, I discovered that there was a lack of resources in this area. Given how much I enjoyed playing with audio and the experience I had with it, it made sense that I should put this workshop together.

“You made something that seemed quite daunting now appear doable. Cheers!!!”

With this workshop, you’ll be taught how to use audio software to record your hypnotherapy scripts, how to edit the recording afterwards, apply effects, add background music and export so that you can provide it to your clients.

“It was one of the most practical and useful training sessions I’ve undertaken.”

Let’s be clear; you don’t need an audio engineering degree to learn how to make great-sounding recordings with your own equipment. This workshop will show the do’s and don’t’s along with all the tips and tricks.

“I came away with the information and knowledge to be able to do my own recordings and adjust them to create a good quality sound.”

This is a hands-on workshop; bring your laptop along and expect to have some creativity and fun for the morning. If you don’t have a laptop, let us know and we may be able to provide one to you on the day.

Best of all, you also get access to:
* Recording for Hypnotherapists Workshop Manual – now nearly 70 pages in length and growing!
* Training videos
* Discounts for royalty free licensed music
* Access to the Recording for Hypnotherapists Workshop Facebook group for on-going support.
* Any and all updates on the above as they’re rolled out.

“Thank you Lawrence for sharing with us your expertise and passion for quality audio recording. Your workshop was very helpful, beginning with your pre-workshop emails and resources, through to your easy to understand and practical demonstrations and coaching. The Recording for Hypnotherapists Facebook group is another bonus which will increase the educational value of your workshop into the future. Attending your workshop has saved me countless hours in gaining understanding of not only how to use Audacity, but also the basic but important practical aspects of the recording process itself. I highly recommend Lawrence’s workshop to anyone interested in learning how to create their own quality audio recordings.”

This workshop will show you everything you need to know to begin comfortably and easily recording with your own equipment without the need of expensive studios or hiring sound engineers. Not only that, it’s a fun workshop which promises a laugh or two while you explore and learn. I look forward to seeing you there!

“I was a hypnotherapist struggling to come to grips with Audacity. I managed to stumble through recording a relaxation track and not being able to enhance the recording no matter how many times I read the manual. Then I went to Lawrence’s ‘Recording for Hypnotherapists Workshop’. Lawrence’s easy manner and depth of knowledge made for a pleasant learning experience and I was able to pick up new knowledge easily and effortlessly. I can recommend the workshop to anyone struggling with recording for their clients as a stress-free relaxed and informative session to help you progress. Thanks Lawrence!”

When: Sunday, November 20th
Time: 10am – 1:00pm
Where: Release Hypnosis at Hypnotherapy HQ
Address: Suite 101, 370 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004

Tickets are available to purchase here.

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