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Recording for Hypnotherapists Workshop – March 2018

We’re celebrating our 10th Workshop!

Since March 2016, the ‘Recording for Hypnotherapists Workshop’ has been teaching hypnotherapists how to use the equipment they already have to produce great quality hypnosis and mindfulness recordings that they could give to their clients.

From humble beginnings, as a content packed two-hour workshop to what it has grown into today, this workshop has shown hypnotherapists that technology isn’t as scary and overwhelming as they thought it would be. More importantly, it has highlighted that it is possible to use your home computer or laptop to produce recordings that you can be proud of.

Why would you want to learn how to record?

There are lots of reasons why hypnotherapists (and for that matter, Mindfulness Coaches and Therapists) may wish to learn recording skills.

Hiring out recording studios or engaging the services of an audio engineer may make it easier for you and produce ‘studio quality’ however the costs can be high and, in reality, the quality of the recordings you can make yourself are going to be equally satisfying.

You can save money on those recording costs, record when inspiration hits, and learn how to be curious and playful with the software to produce your own creative and trance-inducing results.

From there, you can offer your recordings to your clients between sessions or you can use your recordings to attract new potential clients as a lead magnet on your website. You could create your own podcast or you could record your sessions for sale online or as part of a program. There are lots of possibilities as to what you can do with these skills to help you build a better service offering, create passive revenue or help build your profile.

What to expect from the Recording for Hypnotherapists Workshop…

This is a really hands-on workshop; we expect participants to bring their laptops along and to learn/play over the course of the day.

This isn’t your usual ‘sit there and be talked at’ workshop; this is a lot of fun and laughs as long as you bring your curiosity and a desire to explore.

You’ll also get as part of your admission ticket:

  • a 100+ page soft copy manual
  • Access to the Recording for Hypnotherapists Workshop Facebook group for on-going support
  • Discounts for royalty free licensed music
  • Bonus videos that highlight each step

When: Sunday, 18th March 2018
Time: 10:00am until 4:00pm
Where: Hypnotherapy HQ
Address: Suite 101 / 370 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne

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