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January 4th Is World Hypnotism Day!

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January 4th is World Hypnotism Day! Happy World Hypnotism Day, everybody! World Hypnotism Day, January 4th, was established to help educate the general public of the truth and benefits the timeless and natural process of hypnotism has to offer anyone. Movies and books of fiction have warped the perception of hypnosis, which is why World Hypnotism Day is a necessity in order for more people to understand the truth and use this natural, expedient and effective process for personal change. If you scroll to the end of this article, you can find out how to get a FREE New Year’s hypnosis audio MP3 to download right now and to experience hypnosis for yourself. You might be surprised as to who has had a successful experience with hypnosis… As pointed out by my good friend, Richard Scott; ” As some of you may know – I’ve dabbled in hypnosis every now and again. So, I just wanted to let you know of some others who have used the dreaded word ‘hypnosis’ to achieve great success. Recognise anyone? See, it’s not that scary after all.” Dr. Jack Gibson was an Irish hypnotherapist who died in 2005 and he spent much of his…

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