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‘OUTthink – An LGBT Podcast’ Is Now On Spotify

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‘OUTthink – An LGBT Podcast’ Is Now On Spotify OUTthink is now on Spotify With the new season of OUTthink beginning last month, we’re excited to share that you can now find OUTthink on Spotify. One of the things we’ve always tried to do is to make our little podcast as accessible as possible. You can download OUTthink via Podomatic, subscribe to it via iTunes and stream it also on Youtube. To keep up to date with all the latest episodes, subscribe to our OUTthink Facebook page. OUTthink – Season 2 The first episode of season 2 was released on April 1st and featured Daniel Witthaus discussing life for LGBT people in rural and remote areas along with the work that he has done in combatting homophobia. The next episode of season 2 will be published on Tuesday May 1st and will feature an interview with Sydney based therapist Dr Tracie O’Keefe – don’t miss it! We’re still in the process of recording guests however we’ve been thrilled with some of the interviews we’ve got coming up and hope to continue to share great stories, insights and bring awareness to the mental health issues that impact on the LGBTQIA community….

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Why It’s Often Still So Difficult To Be Out And Proud

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Why it’s often still so difficult to be out and proud Elizabeth McDermott, Lancaster University A few months ago, I interviewed a 19-year-old bisexual woman and asked her why she had found it so difficult to “come out”. She replied: “I just had hate coming at me from all sides”. It may seem odd that a young woman living in the UK has experienced hostility because of her sexual orientation. The UK has made many legislative changes to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) equality – such as anti-discrimination laws and same-sex marriage. But although laws have changed, negative attitudes to LGBT people unfortunately still exist. Hate crime towards LGBT people remains a persistent problem in the UK. And new figures compiled by Galop – a LGBT anti-violence charity – show that homophobic attacks have increased 147% in the three months after the Brexit vote. Which suggests the rise in hate crime seen after the EU referendum wasn’t just confined to racism or Islamophobia. Part of the problem is that we live in a world where everyone is presumed to be heterosexual/straight – and as a society we still like to think that everyone fits comfortably into a male…

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Midsumma Carnival: Time To Celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride

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Midsumma Carnival: Time To Celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride   Tomorrow will see the 30th Midsumma Festival open with the annual Carnival in Alexandra Gardens, Melbourne. Each Midsumma is a great opportunity for the Melbourne Gay and Lesbian community to get together, to connect and to show pride for who they are. But why is pride so important? The opposite of pride When you ask someone what the opposite of pride is, they’ll often tell you that it is shame. Most people within the LGBT community know what it is like to grow up feeling shame. As young kids, we innately know that there was something different about us to the other boys and girls although we found it hard to put our finger on what it exactly was. Worst of all, the other boys and girls seem to know too. As we got older and the hormones began to do their thing, we began to realise that our own sexual awakening was different to our peers as well. In some cases, we may find this experience so uncomfortable that we disconnect with our sexual identity, almost becoming non-sexual. I can recall my own awkward years of not really feeling ‘anything much’…

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OUTthink Podcast – Episode 4 – Sexual Fluidity (Part 2)

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The second half of our chat with Lisa Torney is out today, continuing our discussion on sexual fluidity and even touching on the topic of why heterosexual people may sometimes pretend to be ‘change sides’. It’s a great conversation and provides some insight into the world that exists between straight and gay. Click below to listen to the show. You can also check out our podcast page, subscribe on iTunes or listen to the previous episodes on our Youtube Channel. You might also like to read: OUTthink Podcast – Episode 3 – Sexual Fluidity (LGBTQIA+) Why I Created OUTthink. OUTthink – Chat with Daniel Book Review: The Velvet Rage

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Can you name 86 ‘sexual labels’? Sexual Fluidity and the LGBT Community

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OUTthink is a podcast that talks about issues that affect LGBTQIA+ mental health. The following is a transcript of a chat with Lisa Torney, Sex Therapist, regarding sexual fluidity and the LGBTQIA Community. OUTthink is now available to download or stream now from iTunes, Youtube and Podomatic. Lawrence Akers: Hi, welcome to OUTthink. I’m Lawrence Akers. I’m a clinical hypnotherapist, member of the LGBTQI community, and a passionate advocate for mental health. These podcasts have been made in hope of sharing insight into issues that impact on the LGBTQI community and I’m going to pass it over to my guest for this week to introduce herself. Lisa Torney: Hi Lawrence, my name is Lisa Torney, and I’m a counselor and sex therapist. LA: Excellent. So that’s going to make this one perhaps a little bit more saucier than usual we can expect. This week’s episode is looking at sexual fluidity and the pros and cons around that. So I guess the first obvious question is what is sexual fluidity? LT: Well, that’s a term that describes the way people feel about their sexuality, sexual interests, there was some thinking once that you only were attracted to men or women and…

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OUTthink Podcast – Episode 3 – Sexual Fluidity (LGBTQIA+)

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In the latest OUTthink podcast, Lawrence talks with Lisa Torney about the topic of sexual and gender fluidity. In this part one, we explore what is sexual fluidity as well as taking a closer look at the labels which people choose to identify who they are sexually. Given that the list is ever-expanding, this podcast serves as a great introduction to the range of non-standard ‘gay’ and ‘straight’ labels that exist and are used to help make the many diverse groups that fall under the banner of LGBTQIA+. About Lisa Lisa has over 20 years counselling experience as a social worker prior to pursuing her Master’s degree in Sexual Health Counselling at Sydney University. She has counselled people over many years in a variety of settings and have extensive experience in sexual health counselling, trauma and crisis counselling, and working with individual and couples. She is the Victorian Branch President of the Society of Australian Sexologists and committed to maintaining professional ethics and standards within the field of sexology and sexual health. Lisa has also worked extensively with the LGBTQIA+ community, being experienced in assisting transgender people and their partners dealing with gender dysphoria, identity difficulties, changing relationships and transitioning…

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