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Book Review: The Holistic Guide to Hypnotherapy

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Book Review: The Holistic Guide to Hypnotherapy Steve Webster On the cover of ‘The Holistic Guide to Hypnotherapy’ is a star burst graphic that proclaims proudly, ‘The Hypnotherapy Bible!’ It isn’t wrong. You would be hard pressed to find something that is more thoroughly researched and compiled, and that manages to cover so many topics even just in Volume 1. At 863 pages in length, you can’t say that Steve Webster skimps on any details. What I loved about this text is that it is literally crammed full of golden nuggets of tips, techniques, and insight. You can tell that Steve is very passionate about the world of hypnotherapy and the level of depth that he goes into on many of the topics presented in the book really highlights that. Take for instance the topic of inductions. This is potentially one of the most comprehensive and thorough texts on inductions that I’ve come across to date. Not only does he go into detail about inductions themselves but also about how to access what kind of client you have in front of you and what kind of induction is going to best work with that type of client. While heavily influenced…

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