Hypnotherapy HQ Release Hypnosis Melbourne St Kilda Rd Hypnosis Hypnotism Counselling Training Supervision Room Hire

Are you a Melbourne based Hypnotherapist, Therapist or Coach looking for rooms to hire?

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Are you a Melbourne based Hypnotherapist, Therapist or Coach looking for rooms to hire? What Is Hypnotherapy HQ? Release Hypnosis is part of Hypnotherapy HQ; a collective of hypnotherapists who created this space out of a need to find centrally based rooms as well as being able to offer inexpensive, insightful trainings and workshops. Conveniently located at 370 St Kilda Rd right near the Domain Interchange, Hypnotherapy HQ consists of three therapy rooms run by Your Wellbeing Place, Equator Therapies and Release Hypnosis. Room Rentals Just Right for Hypnotherapists! Room rental prices for certified Hypnotherapists, Therapists and Coaches are very reasonable and available for the hour, half day, day, or at a discounted rate for multiple day bookings made over the month or more. This is great for people who may just be starting up and want to book for an hour or a half day – or for established hypnotherapists who wouldn’t mind more than one location to increase their client base. Rooms are available to hire Monday through to Friday, 9am to 6pm although additional times can be negotiated. Hypnotherapy HQ Is Ideally Located On St Kilda Rd The room location is ideal for clients who are based…

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Top Tips For Recording Your Hypnotherapy Scripts

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Top Tips For Recording Your Hypnotherapy Scripts Technology has made it increasingly easier over the years for many hypnotherapists to produce high-quality audio hypnotherapy recordings at home yet one of the things I have repeatedly noticed over the years I’ve worked in this industry is that many hypnotherapists (and, for that matter, therapists in general) seem to be rather ‘technophobic’. And, quite simply, there is no reason to be. I often think of my mother who once told me she was afraid to go on her computer in case she ‘did something wrong and broke the internet’. I let her know that the internet was more likely to break her unfortunately than anything she could do. Over time and with experience, that fear has managed to subside nicely and while the internet isn’t something that is necessarily her cup of tea, she knows that her ability to damage it is pretty limited. So why would a hypnotherapist want to embrace technology and learn how to record audio of their scripts? From a business perspective, these recordings are incredibly useful in either being offered out in return for prospective client’s details so that they can be marketed to. When you consider…

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