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OUTthink Now Has a Home On Facebook

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OUTthink Now Has a Home On Facebook You mean it hasn’t been there all along? I know! Right! So we’ve fixed that and you can now OUTthink has it’s very own page on Facebook along with the Release Hypnosis Facebook page. You now have the option to like one or the other, or both! Each podcast will also be uploaded against the Facebook page to make it easier for you to find. Of course, if you enjoy the podcasts, why not feel free to share the Facebook page with your friends and encourage them to give it a LIKE so they can be informed when each new fortnightly podcast is published. We’ve covered a wide range of topics already since starting in November last year and our commitment is to making the podcast even more diverse and even controversial topics. Having said that, if you have a story that you think is worth sharing and that may help others within the LGBT community, then why not drop me a line so that we can chat further and see if we can get your story out there with OUTthink.

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Midsumma Carnival: Time To Celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride

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Midsumma Carnival: Time To Celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride   Tomorrow will see the 30th Midsumma Festival open with the annual Carnival in Alexandra Gardens, Melbourne. Each Midsumma is a great opportunity for the Melbourne Gay and Lesbian community to get together, to connect and to show pride for who they are. But why is pride so important? The opposite of pride When you ask someone what the opposite of pride is, they’ll often tell you that it is shame. Most people within the LGBT community know what it is like to grow up feeling shame. As young kids, we innately know that there was something different about us to the other boys and girls although we found it hard to put our finger on what it exactly was. Worst of all, the other boys and girls seem to know too. As we got older and the hormones began to do their thing, we began to realise that our own sexual awakening was different to our peers as well. In some cases, we may find this experience so uncomfortable that we disconnect with our sexual identity, almost becoming non-sexual. I can recall my own awkward years of not really feeling ‘anything much’…

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hypnosis hypnotherapy hypnotist hyposis hynosis hyponosis counselling therapy lgbt shame acceptance gay lesbian transgender hiv aids rights

Why I Created OUTthink.

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Why I Created OUTthink – An LGBTQIA Podcast It’s an exciting day for me as, today, I publish my first podcast, ‘OUTthink’. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to sit down and explore topics relating to the LGBTQIA community with people who can offer an amazing insight. Within those conversations, there are stories of shame, stigma, alienation, abandonment and, most importantly, self-acceptance and self-love. These are stories of people who have been thrown into some unexpected and difficult situations and have managed to make their way to acceptance, understanding, empathy and pride. The reason why I wanted to do this podcast was simple; people often don’t put mental health into the spotlight, let alone some of the added issues that come with belonging to the LGBTQIA community. When we are faced with unresolved shame and stigma in our lives, what holds it in place is keeping it secret. Within these podcasts, we allow the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are often not discussed to be brought to light, to be shared with the world and to allow those often uncomfortable thoughts and feelings to be released. Within these podcasts, you may hear a…

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Welcome to Release Hypnosis!

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Welcome to the new Release Hypnosis website. I am excited to launch the site, share¬†my thoughts and give you the opportunity to connect. At Release Hypnosis, we can help with a wide range of conditions. These include among others: Addiction and Recovery Motivation Anxiety Chronic Pain Depression Sports Performance and Motivation Improving General Confidence and Self-Esteem Insomnia and Sleep Disturbances Phobias Stress Management Stop Smoking (Smoking Cessation) Study habits, exam anxiety and improved recall Stuttering Unwanted habits Virtual Gastric Banding Weight Loss / Weight Management Release Hypnosis also offers training solutions including our successful ‘Recording for Hypnotherapists‘ Workshop (7 successful workshops in the first year!) and our ‘Shame Busters‘ Workshop as well. Release Hypnosis is also one of the few practices in Australia to offer a service focusing on the LGBTQIA+ community, offering services catering to the very specific needs of gays, lesbians, transgender, queer, bisexual, intersex and a-sexual people. With that, we feature regular blogs on our website catering to the LGBTQIA+ community as well as our regular podcast OUTthink. Each year, we also run our annual Positive Change campaign where your change can help the HIV+ community. Call Release Hypnosis to find out more about how clinical hypnotherapy…

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