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Embrace Your Confidence and Eliminate the Toxic Shame Workshop

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Hypnotherapy HQ presents – “Embrace Your Confidence and Eliminate the Toxic Shame“ Workshop – February 2018 Facilitated by Lawrence Akers and Joe Busuttil. “I’m just not good enough.” “Nobody will find me loveable.” “I don’t have the intelligence to do that job.” How often do we find ourselves sitting with messages that we believe about ourselves that hold us back from the things that we might want to do? Holding us back with a belief that we’re inferior to others because of how we look, our education, our size, our race, our sexual orientation… From the moment we are born, we begin to form beliefs about who we are and our place in the world. We ‘learn’ from those around us the things that we choose to believe about ourselves. We learn from our parents, our peers, our school, our religion and our culture/society. When we believe we are inferior in any way, this belief about who we are can often form into a ‘shame message’. It can become that automatic thought that forms part of our reality about the world and our place within it. What is shame? Shame is that uncomfortable feeling that we are not enough in…

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Release Hypnosis’s Lawrence Akers on JOY FM

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Release Hypnosis’s Lawrence Akers on JOY FM Many years ago… in fact, back in my 20s, I used to have a radio show on JOY FM. It wasn’t much of a success. To be honest, I think I look back and even cringe a little. It was, however, at a time when both JOY FM and I personally were finding our feet. Twenty years on and I like to think we’re both a little older, wiser, and far more professional. After recently appearing on an episode of OUTthink, Dean Beck very kindly returned the favour and asked me to come in and do an episode of JOY FM’s highly rating Wednesday night show ‘Hide and Seek’. Despite trying to conceal a hideous cold, I made my way into the studio. Hoping that the cold and flu tablets were not going to reduce my to a rambling mess (yes, they were original recipe on demand so that I could actually breath properly!), I had to admit that Dean and Ben made it a really enjoyable experience. I know I walked out afterwards thinking that it really didn’t feel like an hour and that there were some questions that we began to…

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Book Review: A Guide To Trance Land

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Book Review: A Guide To Trance Land – Bill O’Hanlon For many people in the world of hypnotherapy, there are few that could compare with the magic and wisdom of Milton Erickson. Easily up there with the likes of Dave Elman, what Erickson did for the world of hypnotherapy could not be measured. For that reason, many of the people who had the good fortune to study under Milton Erickson are often equally revered and, fortunately, many of them are still very vocal about sharing the wisdom and experience that they acquired with Erickson. In Australia, we are fortunate to have the wonderful Rob McNeilly, who’s book ‘Learning Hypnosis – A Common Everyday Approach After Erickson‘ I reviewed in February this year. Given that Erickson was based in Pheonix, Arizona, many of his students were from the US, including the wonderful Bill O’Hanlon. It should be noted that O’Hanlon has written many, many books over the years and continues to also provide online course options too, all of which are well worth exploring. ‘A Guide To Trance Land’ is subtitled ‘A Practical Handbook Of Ericksonian and Solution-Oriented Hypnosis’. It isn’t very big; in fact, it is a little over 100…

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Release Hypnosis Celebrates It’s Two Year Anniversary

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Release Hypnosis Celebrates It’s Two Year Anniversary No one knows when they start a small business if it is going to be successful or not. The fact that Release Hypnosis is still going strong two years on is something I’m happy to celebrate. I used hypnosis to make the changes I needed in my life and it began my desire to learn more. Over the past two years, I’ve seen a diverse range of people and helped them to overcome issues that were making life difficult for them. I’ve worked with everything from sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, OCD, smoking cessation, weight management, virtual gastric bands, nail biting, fear of flying, fear of driving, resolving grief, pain management… you name it, I’ve been asked about it. Even better is that I’ve been able to provide some much-needed niche services to Melbourne. I began running the successful Recording for Hypnotherapists Workshops, helping to teach local therapists skills to provide ongoing support to their clients and to help build their business. I also collaborated on a workshop that explored shame and the impacts it has on our lives. I started OUTthink – a podcast that shines a light onto the mental…

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Are you a Melbourne based Hypnotherapist, Therapist or Coach looking for rooms to hire?

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Are you a Melbourne based Hypnotherapist, Therapist or Coach looking for rooms to hire? What Is Hypnotherapy HQ? Release Hypnosis is part of Hypnotherapy HQ; a collective of hypnotherapists who created this space out of a need to find centrally based rooms as well as being able to offer inexpensive, insightful trainings and workshops. Conveniently located at 370 St Kilda Rd right near the Domain Interchange, Hypnotherapy HQ consists of three therapy rooms run by Your Wellbeing Place, Equator Therapies and Release Hypnosis. Room Rentals Just Right for Hypnotherapists! Room rental prices for certified Hypnotherapists, Therapists and Coaches are very reasonable and available for the hour, half day, day, or at a discounted rate for multiple day bookings made over the month or more. This is great for people who may just be starting up and want to book for an hour or a half day – or for established hypnotherapists who wouldn’t mind more than one location to increase their client base. Rooms are available to hire Monday through to Friday, 9am to 6pm although additional times can be negotiated. Hypnotherapy HQ Is Ideally Located On St Kilda Rd The room location is ideal for clients who are based…

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TEDTalks and Hypnosis

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TEDTalks and Hypnosis Hands up who loves a TEDTalk? Who doesn’t? They’re like lecturers that are only a quarter of a length but four times as interesting. Best of all, when it comes to topics that you have an interest in, they can provide that really useful bite-size insight that just makes it all worthwhile. And we’re all about sharing here at Release Hypnosis, which is why we’ve found a handful of TEDTalks that you can check out on the topic of hypnosis. Hypnotize Yourself | Dan Candell | TEDxAuburnMiddleSchool Dan Candell guides us in the art of personal hypnotism as we awaken our minds to change the world we’re living in. Dan Candell is a world class hypnotist who has worked with Olympic medalists and celebrities to maximize their performance abilities. Hypnosis + music = hyp-note-therapy: James Giunta at TEDxNavesink Master Hypnotist, and musician, James Giunta invites the audience to engage its playful mind to become more receptive to creativity, concentration, and mastery. Music is hypnotic, and can influence mood and attitude with immediate results. It’s possible to train the mind using favourite music at any time. The powerful combination of music + hypnotic suggestion has potential to influence…

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