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OUTthink: A Chat with Daniel Witthaus on Remote Rural LGBT A bit about Daniel OUTthink is back for another season and to get the ball rolling, we’re chatting with the incredible Daniel Witthaus. Daniel has been someone that I’ve been watching for a while now as I think his work is just extraordinary. He is an author, a speaker and the Founder and CEO of the NICHE (National Institute for Challenging Homophobia Education). I think most impressively, and largely due to the ambition and tenacity that it shows, Daniel went all around Australia to remote communities aiming to challenge and change homophobic views and to assist local communities develop resources to support regional LGBTQIA people – and he did this ‘one cuppa at a time’. For more information on NICHE or to show your support to the organisation, you can check out their website. About OUTthink – An LGBT Podcast OUTthink is a fortnightly podcast aimed at shining a light into topics of mental health and mental wellbeing relating to the LGBTQIA+ community. As a community, we need to be able to discuss topics that are uniquely related to the gay, lesbian, transgender and the many diverse labels in-between, that…

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