Recording for Hypnotherapists 6 Week Online Training – Week 2

Playing with Effects

You’ll find all of the videos and content for week 2 here; simply scroll down the page.

2.1 Effects Introduction

This video serves to offer both a quick recap on the key points from week 1 as well as an introduction into week 2.

2.2 ‘The Sweet Spot’

When learning effects, there is a temptation to apply all the bells and whistles to a recording. In this video, I explore this temptation further and discuss ‘the sweet spot’.

2.3 Noise Reduction (Revisited)

In this video, we take a more in-depth look at the Noise Reduction effect that we were introduced to in week 1.

2.4 Graphic EQ

In this video, we look at the Graphic EQ effect which can be used to help add a richer, fuller sound to your recording.

2.5 Compressor

In this video, we look at the Compressor effect that can be used to provide consistency across the file in terms of volume.

2.6 – A – Changing Pitch

In this video, we look at Changing Pitch, an effect that can be used to make your voice deeper or higher without changing the speed of your delivery.

2.6 – B – Changing Tempo

In this video, we look at Change Tempo – an effect used to change the speed of your performance without impacting on the pitch.

2.6 – C – Changing Speed

In this video, we look at the Changing Speed effect which changes both the pitch and the tempo of the recording at the same time.

2.7 Generating Silence

In this video, we look at generating silence.

This may be especially useful if you feel that you need to add more silence during the recording to offer more time for the listener to do their own internal work.

If your intention is to add background music to a voice recording, you would potentially use the Generate Silence effect (provided Noise Reduction has been done).

If you are intending to just offer a voice-only recording, you can use the noise profile at the start to generate additional seconds/minutes of noise via a copy and paste OR the Repeat effect.

2.8 Copy and Paste

Much like a word processor, you have the ability to copy and paste parts of your recording in Audacity. In this video, we explore some of the beneficial uses of this feature.

2.9 Playtime and Homework

In this video, we go and ‘play’ with some of the effects that we’ve learned this week. This is simply an experiment over a handful of minutes to show you how you might incorporate some of the effects. This video will hopefully help to ignite the creative juices on what you might be able to do.

There is also some ‘homework’ for you to do leading into something in a couple of week’s time.

Week 2 Files

Any of the files mentioned during these videos will be found in this Dropbox folder.

Zoom Call Replay – Week 2