Recording for Hypnotherapists 6 Week Online Training – Week 6

The Easy Way To Creating An Online Course

In this module, we look at the most straight-forward ways in which you can offer an online course that will allow you to reach more people and to create a passive income.

6.1 Introduction to Week 6

In this video, we begin to explore the steps to creating an online course. Now, you may not want to create an online course as such however the various steps of this may be useful in helping you to plot out programs, create content online, and for taking payment.
In this video, we take a quick look at Trello –

6.2 Creating the Content

In this video, we look at content creation across audio (using Audacity), video (refer to additional videos in this module), and written (using Google Docs).
I also mention Handbrake in this which you can find here:

6.3 Hosting the Content

In this video, we look at various ways in which to host (or house or store) your content.
Included in this is:
Facebook –
Dropbox –
Youtube –
YesCourse –

Or creating a secret page on your WordPress site using the Yoast plugin.

BONUS – Setting up UNITS in Facebook Groups

As mentioned in the previous video, this short video that I’ve made previously goes into how to set up a group on Facebook so that you can use the UNITS functionality.

6.4 Taking Payment

In this video, we look at the easiest ways to take payment for your course or program.
The main option we explore in this video is Paypal ( and how to set up Paypal buttons for payment or for a subscription (installment payments).

6.5 Promote Your Content

In this video, I go briefly through how this very course was put together and how I promoted this online among a few other suggestions.

Group Zoom Call 6 Replay

This week is a bit of a long one!

We look at the free program Gnaural and how to use that to create binaural beats.

If you wish to download Gnaural, you can do that for Windows and MAC here:

Click on the Download tab once you’re on the site to download, and don’t forget to check out the presets that you can download.

At one point, Jacki asks about the difference between Pink and White noise, and the article I reference is here:

Lastly, that heartbeat file that we’re talking about in the recording can be downloaded in MP3 format here:

BONUS – Best Free Video Editing Software in 2020

BONUS – Top 5 Best FREE Video Editing Software 2020 (No Watermarks)

BONUS – Shotcut Video Editor – Tutorial for Beginners in 10 Mins!

BONUS – Getting Started with Olive – Video Editing Tutorial

BONUS – iMovie Complete Guide to Getting Started – Editing Tutorial

BONUS – Free Open Source Video Editing: Kdenlive 20.04

BONUS – How to create your PayPal business account

BONUS – Creating a Secret/Hidden Page on your WordPress Site

As I mentioned in the video, this involves the Yoast plugin.


BONUS – BEST Tools To Create and Sell Courses Online

This guy is great and produces short, insightful videos. This guy is great and produces short, insightful videos.

BONUS – Using Canva to make PowerPoint presentations