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It was overwhelming. I felt scared and out of control.

It was when I had my first panic attack that I realised just how complex and intense anxiety can be.

All I knew was that this sense of not having control had washed over me. In my mind, I was desperately trying to fight the voices that seemed to just confirm this was happening.

The more I fought it, the harder it was to control. It just seemed to feed in on itself and become stronger and stronger.

In that moment, I just had to get out of where I was. Of all places, I was in the middle of an aisle at the theatre mid-performance. Now, that’s inconvenient.

I literally got up and climbed over people in a mad panic to get out of there before I passed out.

After that, there was always a fear associated with being caught in anything similar and as a result, I found that I avoided those situations.

I knew that there had to be a better way to deal with this than just not doing the things I loved for fear of what might happen, and that is when I discovered hypnosis.

What I didn’t realise at that time is that the anxiety had hypnotised me. It had me believing that the worst thoughts in my head were really happening and as a result, my body responded as if I was under attack.

As I learned how to work with those thoughts and feelings, I was able to find new ways to have a different relationship with that anxiety.

The wonderful thing is that, as you begin to recognise that you have that power, the less the anxiety can impact so intensely on you.

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