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My own fear of blood tests was a real problem when I was growing up.

We all experience fear over certain things and often that fear can be useful in ensuring we stay safe and to keep ourselves alive.

There are times though where that fear can become excessive and hold us back from doing things that we might otherwise enjoy.

This is none more true than when it comes to phobia; irrational fears that result in a fight or flight response.

Whether it is a fear of needles, public speaking or flying, there are techniques and approaches that can help work with most people and to allow you to get on with life comfortably.

At one point, I had a rather extreme fear of having any form of a needle. As a child, my fear was so extreme that we frequently had to abandon injections and blood tests as I got into a panic and pulled my arm away.

I would also then get so worked up about the situation that I managed to even pass out a few times.

Since then, I’ve worked on this issue using a few techniques and I can actually say that the last time I had to have a blood test, I laughed when the needle went in because I hadn’t felt a thing and it was all too easy.

It feels great to banish that old fear knowing that I am safe and I can simply have that blood test done and get on with my day.

If you have an irrational fear that you’re keen to banish, then why not schedule a free no-obligation consultation with me and I can chat with you further about the process.

Banish that fear for good and schedule your no-obligation consultation now.
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