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Isn’t It Time To Tell That Smoking Habit To Butt Out Of Your Life?

Over the years, I’ve heard countless reasons as to why someone decides that it is time to stop smoking and to become a non-smoker once again.

Many of them have wondered if hypnosis really will help them to quit smoking and have been surprised to discover how easy it is.

The one thing that they’ve all had in common was this; they knew that they wanted to become a non-smoker and to stop smoking, but it felt like there was a part of them that was constantly reaching for that packet of cigarettes.

Hypnosis speaks directly to the part that runs the smoking behaviour.

What we’re really looking at here is a classic example of the differences between the conscious and unconscious minds.

The conscious mind is that part that recognises there is a problem and gets the person to take action.  It’s the part that tells you all the reasons why you should stop smoking now.

The unconscious mind is where the all your pattern behaviour is stored.  Much in the same way you’ve learned to walk without thinking about it, you’ve learned to smoke so that it has become an automatic process.  It has now built an association between certain environments and emotions and connects smoking to that.

Similarly, at some point in your life, your unconscious mind decided that the smoking habit gave you something beneficial. It’s important to understand that the unconscious mind doesn’t view behaviours as good or bad, simply that it is a process that gives you something beneficial.

That’s why in hypnosis, we talk directly to your unconscious mind and to ask it to take on another behaviour that is equally beneficial and without the self-harming side effects of that smoking habit.

You might be curious and wondering if hypnosis actually works and if it can help you to stop smoking too? Check out some of the testimonials in my recent video and check out why my stop smoking program is the best one for you.

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