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No one ever decided that they wanted a bad habit.

Are you finding that there is a destructive habit in your life that has become out of control?

Drinking too much? Eating too much? Smoking? Gambling? Drugs?

Your unconscious mind may not always come across as your friend.

If the unconscious mind can perceive some benefit to the behaviour, it will adopt that behaviour as a coping strategy.

Due to this, your unconscious mind may not always come across as being your friend or on your side.

While consciously we might view this behaviour as destructive and potentially dangerous, the unconscious mind just sees it as something that gives a reliable outcome each time.

Ask a smoker what they get out of smoking. They might say that there is nothing good to come from it but when they drill down on it, they realise that it has given them an opportunity to take a break, or to socialise with people, or to NOT socialise with people, or to give themselves a reward, or to rebel against authority.

Of course, when we step back and logically look at it, it doesn’t make sense but to the unconscious mind, this behaviour is giving them a way to deal with ‘the problem’ that ‘feels right’.

Consider excessive drinking or drug use for a moment; often these behaviours have been adopted by the unconscious mind to help distract the individual from uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that they would rather not deal with. This shift in state is far more enjoyable and easier to deal with in that moment than the uncomfortable feeling that may exist otherwise.

As with any form of repeated behaviour, after a while the pattern forms, the program is written, and the unconscious mind adopts it as a strategy.

The good news is that these programs can be rewritten and for people who are truly ready to let go of old behaviours and to discover a new freedom, hypnotherapy can be life changing.

If you are ready to make that change, then book a free no-obligation consultation with Lawrence to discuss how hypnotherapy can be right for you in dealing with your habitual behaviour or addiction.

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