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Losing a family pet can be an intensely painful experience.


If you've lost a beloved fur child, then you know it can often be an overwhelming experience for the family they leave behind.

For many, even small reminders can trigger feelings of grief and loss that can take time to process.

Many people are surprised by how intensely they grieve and on top of that is the feeling that some people just don't 'get it' and wonder why you seem to be so deeply impacted by the loss of 'just an animal'.

If it was a sudden illness, you may have had to make a difficult decision, and the added guilt on top of everything else might leave you questioning if you did the right thing.

If the loss was due to a sudden illness, the added guilt of having to make a difficult decision can leave you questioning if you did the right thing. This can be an experience that leaves you feeling miserable, angry, guilty, and mourning the loss of 'a dear friend'.

At Release Hypnosis we help people to adjust to the loss of their pet with a gentle yet effective approach that will help to ease the pain and find acceptance.

You don't need to continue carrying that pain and loss longer than necessary, and our bespoke approach will guide you through a way to celebrate the life of your best fur friend.

If you're keen to discuss how hypnotherapy might be able to offer you comfort and relief, schedule a FREE no-obligation consultation with Lawrence.

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