Isn’t It Time To Tell That Smoking Habit To Butt Out Of Your Life?

I’ve heard countless reasons as to why someone decides that it is time to quit smoking and to become a non-smoker once again.

The one thing that they’ve all had in common was this; they knew that they wanted to become a non-smoker and to stop smoking, but it felt like there was a part of them that was constantly reaching for that packet of cigarettes.

What we’re really looking at here is a classic example of the differences between the conscious and unconscious minds. The conscious mind is that part of them that got them into my room, sitting in the hypnosis chair, and telling me all the reasons why that smoking habit was bad for them. The conscious mind is that logical and rational part of them that knows all the facts about how their smoking habit is killing them and why they need to stop.

The unconscious mind is where the emotions are stored. It’s where you ‘feel like having a cigarette’. It’s where all the automatic processes are stored so that you don’t need to think about it. For instance, have you ever tried thinking about walking when you walk? It’s something that you’ve unconsciously mastered so you don’t have to think about walking, or breathing, or any of those other functions that the unconcious runs.

Similarly, at some point in your life, your unconscious mind decided that the smoking habit gave you something beneficial. It’s important to understand that the unconscious mind doesn’t view behaviours as good or bad, simply that it is a process that gives you something beneficial. That’s why the aim with hypnosis is to talk directly to your unconscious mind and to get it to choose another behaviour to do that is equally beneficial and without the self-harming side effects of that smoking habit.

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