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How Halloween Can Trigger Phobias and Anxiety

By Phobia

How Halloween Can Trigger Phobias and Anxiety It can be interesting watching a genuine phobic response. You can tell when someone truly has a phobia of something because their fight or flight will kick in and they will need to get away from that trigger as fast and as quickly as possible. This can manifest with some truly unusual triggers and, in other cases, can be an overly sensitive response. Allow me to explain via an example. One of my very dear friends has a phobia of spiders. Her phobia of spiders is so intense that you can’t even say the word ‘spider’ around her without getting an automatic anxiety response, and often some level of verbal abuse for your comment. She has worked on this issue in the past and has made progress although at one point there, even the mere suggestion that a spider could be at a certain location, such as a hint of cobweb on a rear-side mirror of a car, would have her refuse to get into that car. The worst time of year for her though is Halloween. During Halloween, she will ever refuse to go into a supermarket due to all of the…

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