Managing your weight doesn’t have to be hard

Back in 2013, I was verging in on the dangerously overweight category. Closing in near 100kg, I pretended to be happy while emotionally eating my way through the dissatisfaction that my life had become. My clothes were constantly tight and uncomfortable and if anyone asked me to be in a photograph, I would either decline or ‘try to smile’.

After coming back from a holiday where I had time to reflect, I realised that my life had to change and that included my weight. You can read my own personal journey here.

What I discovered was that when I had a plan in place that combined a strategy of mindful eating, hypnosis for mindset, and a defined goal, I was able to manage my weight much easier than I had ever experienced before.

If you are struggling with your weight, this is within your reach and I can show you how.

The fact is that it wasn’t a ‘diet’, it was a change in lifestyle and it was something that had to be maintainable over the long term. Yo-yo dieting only tends to have the weight return once the diet is over whereas an approach like the one I have used works in addressing the issues that hold the weight in place as well as creating new behaviours that maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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