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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update to Release Hypnosis

As you can imagine, the priority for Release Hypnosis is to ensure the safety of everyone who comes in during this ever-changing and challenging period with the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

At this point in time, we are generally encouraging all clients to use our online Skype or Zoom service, as this will provide you with the best protection and allowing you to do your session from the comfort of your home.

We also greatly appreciate the trust and flexibility many of our existing patients have shown us taking their sessions over to Skype during this time.

Release Hypnosis makes this promise to you; we will not see you if our therapist is showing any signs of flu or cold-like symptoms that could place you at risk.

We ask that if:
-You are experiencing viral symptoms (fever, cough, breathing issues)
-You have been exposed to anyone with coronavirus
-You have returned from overseas within the past 14 days or have had close contact with another person who has returned from overseas within the last 14 days, please consider an online appointment or rescheduling to a new date.

Anxiety and the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Many people are finding that the Coronavirus and the situations that it is contributing to is causing a build-up in their anxiety.

This is completely understandable under the circumstances; walking through a supermarket can make you feel a sense of concern and loss of control alone.

To schedule a FREE half-hour no-obligation consultation call, click here and simply select Online as your Preferred Session Method.

For more information from the APS on the Corona Virus, please click here.

Release Hypnosis will continue to post to our Facebook Page any further updates.

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