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What does that smoking habit want for you?

Part of you wants to smoke and part of you wants to quit

Surprising as it may seem, your smoking habit potentially has a positive intention for you. Habits perceived as 'bad' often stir an internal conflict within individuals. This conflict reflects the struggle to maintain that habit.

Take smoking as an example. Almost every individual who seeks to quit smoking knows all the reasons why they should quit. Despite being equipped with 'the facts' about smoking, they find it challenging to embrace their identity as a non-smoker fully.

Recognizing this inner-conflict can lead to confusion. As logical, rational adults, the decision to quit smoking should be simple, yet it remains elusive. Could the underlying intention behind the smoking habit provide some clarity?

Each part has a positive intention

Often when we sit down and begin to talk to that part that has been maintaining the smoking habit, we discover that it has a positive intention for the person. The logical part of them can recognise that the habit is destructive, manipulative and potentially taking them away from being the kind of person that they wish to be. Yet when we talk to that part of them that does the smoking behaviour and begin to ask them what it is that they're gaining out of that behaviour, we begin to get words like 'connection', 'relaxation', 'independence', and often this will lead up to a larger higher purpose such as 'happiness' or 'joy'.

When you consider that the part driving that smoking behaviour uses this behaviour to lead to 'happiness', you can understand why it might be a little more reluctant to let go of that behaviour.

Getting parts to work together

The interesting thing is that often when you work with the part that wants to be a non-smoker, we can discover that their intention also leads to a higher purpose like 'happiness' as well.

Once these parts are getting to the same higher level, it can be easier to get them to collaborate unconsciously together and to form a new 'super part' that can come up with new, healthier beahviours that will allow them to embrace the identity and lifestyle of a non-smoker.

It isn't uncommon for clients to come back from a parts therapy session to express their surprise at what insights they've had through the process and what suggestions their unconscious decided to offer to them which they hadn't really considered before.

Does Parts Therapy always work?

If there was one technique out there that could always stop everyone from their smoking habit and make them a healthy non-smoker for life, then all other techniques, interventions, and product would simply cease to exist. Everyone is different and unique and, with that, every approach should be tailor-made to the individual. As a technique though, a parts therapy approach combined with other hypnotherapeutic approaches to smoking cessation can offer enormous insight to the person which can often be the shift required to help them embrace a new life as a non-smoker.

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