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The Truth About Hypnotherapy and Smoking Cessation

Hypnotherapy and It's Relationship with Smoking Cessation

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I often face the question, "Can you help me stop smoking?"

Undeniably, smoking cessation is a prominent service offered by hypnotherapists. The rationale? The harmful effects of smoking and the growing need for people to quit have established it as an essential part of our profession.

Does Hypnosis Work to Stop Smoking

However, the real question is, does it work? If so, how? Let's demystify the facts and techniques behind hypnotherapy and smoking cessation, while unveiling some secrets of the trade.

While empirical research has been limited to the area, there is no shortage of testimonials proclaiming success. Clearly, there is something here that has the potential to truly help people.

What Hypnotherapy Isn't

To comprehend hypnotherapy better, we must first debunk myths and misconceptions about it. A common fallacy is that hypnosis equals mind control. As sensational as it may sound on TV shows, in reality, you can't force someone under hypnosis to act against their will.

Moreover, hypnosis isn't a magic bullet. It won't help if you're not genuinely keen on quitting smoking. However, for those ready to give up the habit, hypnotherapy has shown significant success.

Hypnosis: The Process

To clarify, hypnosis doesn't bring change itself; the change occurs in the therapy conducted under hypnosis. Hypnosis can be perceived as a state allowing the mind to focus and become open to suggestions, thereby facilitating change.

In a hypnotherapy session, you maintain full control, likely remembering everything said to you, yet remarkable outcomes can occur when you embrace the offered suggestions.

What to Expect from Hypnotherapy

The first step typically involves a session with your hypnotherapist discussing your lifestyle and smoking habits. The session may involve a counselling period to explore underlying issues as smoking often serves as a coping mechanism. The treatment then involves guiding you into a hypnotic state and helping you focus on specific ideas.

Efficacy of Hypnotherapy in Smoking Cessation

The big question – does hypnotherapy work for smoking cessation? While the answer varies among individuals, it has proven effective for those who view smoking as a coping mechanism or those with a genuine will to quit.

Interestingly, research indicates a 90.6% success rate for smoking cessation with clinical hypnotherapy. For serious quitters, a reputable Clinical Hypnotherapist with a proven program can provide the opportunity to become smoke-free.

Can Hypnotherapy Work to Help Me Stop Smoking?

Release Hypnosis has put together its own smoking cessation program based on research into several leading smoking cessation programs.

No one can promise you that you will definitely stop smoking. Research has shown that hypnotherapy is quite successful in assisting people who are ready to stop smoking and to become a non-smoker.

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