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Is There Such Thing As An Addictive Personality?

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Is there such thing as an addictive personality? Stephen Bright, Edith Cowan University Most of us know somebody who tends to get over-involved in certain behaviours, and the saying often goes that they must have an “addictive personality”. But is there such a thing? The idea of an addictive personality is more pop-psychology than scientific. What is personality? To understand why the idea of an addictive personality is flawed, it’s important to first understand what psychologists mean when referring to personality. Personality is comprised of broad, measurable, stable, individual traits that predict behaviour. So by definition, engaging in excessive behaviours cannot be considered a personality trait. Read more: Everyone’s different: what parts of the brain make our personalities so unique? Though, there are personality traits that are associated with addiction. Neuroticism is one of the “big five” personality dimensions. These are the five core traits that drive behaviour. They include openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion/introversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. People who score high in neuroticism tend to be easily emotionally aroused. They are also more likely to engage in a number of excessive behaviours, including: over-eating, excessive online gaming, social media over-use and substance dependence. People who are highly neurotic might…

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Review: Clive Girdham – Modified Rewind Online Training

By Hypnotherapy, NLP, Phobia, PTSD, Trauma

Review: Clive Girdham – Modified Rewind Online Training When Clive first started posting about the Modified Rewind, it immediately caught the interest of everyone. How could one approach be so effective at helping so many people overcoming their fears, phobias, and PTSD? One of the things I will say about Sydney based hypnotherapist Clive Girdham is that this man can definitely walk the walk as well as talk the talk. Scratch beneath the surface and every claim Clive makes about his work is absolutely true. For a few years, Clive offered a free online Mastermind series of presentations and, following that, produced a Stop Smoking online course that many consider being one of the best out there. Having worked with Clive on a few in-person workshops, Clive also has the uncanny knack of being endlessly engaging. While some training may have you feeling a bit sleepy after lunch, there is something about the energy that Clive brings to his work that provokes curiosity and interest. Perhaps he is using his own Jedi mind tricks in his presentation style but when it is being used for the purposes of good, you have to be grateful for that. Expanding the hypnotherapy toolkit…

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Melbourne Hypnotherapists Practice and Network Group

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Melbourne Hypnotherapists Practice and Network Group Looking for a group of fellow hypnotherapists to practice with? The aim of the Melbourne Hypnotherapists Practice Network Group is simple. The purpose of this networking group is to provide an environment where hypnotherapists can learn new techniques or refine existing ones. This is an ideal group for: people who are new hypnotherapists wanting to learn new skills existing hypnotherapists who want to refine their skills experienced hypnotherapists who want to help network and mentor therapists. Each event, a new topic will be announced. You can vote on the poll for the topic at the Melbourne Hypnotherapists Network Group on Facebook. This poll will close two weeks prior to the date confirming the next event topic. For those who confirm attendance, you will be sent your ‘study notes’ a couple of weeks in advance. This will give you plenty of time to read/watch what is provided and to get an idea of how it will run. At the practice group, we will quickly go over the process and then break up into groups for you to go and practice. We will then come back together and discuss: what worked for you during that process…

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How To Use Your Brain’s “Delete” Button

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How To Use Your Brain’s “Delete” Button Neurons that fire together, wire together. Back in 1949, Canadian Neuropsychologist Daniel Hebb first used this phrase to describe how pathways in the brain are formed and reinforced through repetition. This means that every experience, thought, feeling, and physical sensation triggers thousands of neurons, which form a neural network. When you repeat an experience over and over, the brain learns to trigger the same neurons each time. Our brain cells communicate with one another via synaptic transmission; one brain cell releases a chemical (neurotransmitter) that the next brain cell absorbs. This communication process is known as ‘neuronal firing’. When brain cells communicate frequently, the connection between them strengthens. Messages that travel the same pathway in the brain over and over begin to transmit faster and faster. With enough repetition, they become automatic. You’ve heard the saying that ‘practice makes perfect’; this is the scientific explanation of why it does. This is essentially how we create those unconscious programs that run who we are; the way we think, the perception we see, the experiences that form the beliefs we hold, and the habits that we do. Of course, this can be used in a…

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The Practitioner’s Guide To Mirroring Hands

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The Practitioners Guide To Mirroring Hands Richard Hill and Ernest Rossi For many hypnotherapists who are training, or even continuing their professional development, too often some training can tend to feel the same. Even recently, US hypnotherapist Scott Sandland posted a video where he blasted trainers who claimed to have a training that had ‘never been seen before’, promising ‘miraculous results’ and who were essentially offering what many could see as a magic bullet to dealing with their clients. Instead, in that video, he reminded every hypnotherapist out there about the importance of practice; to explore, refine and practice constantly on everyone from their clients during the day to their teddy bear at night, listening back to recordings made of your practice, watching other people practice. To continue to just show up, be present, observe, learn and become the best we can be NOT from some training that promises the world but from watching, learning, and putting it into practice. This would seem obvious, wouldn’t it? Yet I know so many hypnotherapists, myself included, who can often feel like we don’t know enough and that someone out there (inevitably) knows more. The self-doubt can kick in; ‘why would someone want…

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In What Ways Do You Want To Be Better In 2019?

By Confidence, Habits, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Smoking Cessation

In what ways do you want to be better in 2019? I have a question for you. In what ways do you want to be better in 2019? And by ‘better’, I could mean any number of things. Fitter. Healthier. More focused. More financial. Confident. Whatever that ‘better’ could mean to you? It is that time of the year where considering a question like this can help to set the tone for the following year. What do you feel holds you back from being an even better version of yourself right now? For some people, it might be their weight. For others, it might be a habit that they feel has become unhealthy for them such as smoking or drinking or drug use. Perhaps it is just promising to yourself that you’re going to take better care of yourself in the new year, and having that intention is wonderful. Intention alone isn’t likely to make the change you want, or at least not to the level that you would like. Given that we are in the final handful of days before the new year is upon us, I felt it might be a good time to offer some suggestions and…

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Hypnosis May Still Be Veiled in Mystery – But We Are Starting To Uncover It’s Scientific Basis

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Hypnosis may still be veiled in mystery – but we are starting to uncover its scientific basis Devin Terhune, Goldsmiths, University of London and Steven Jay Lynn, Binghamton University, State University of New York Some argue that hypnosis is just a trick. Others, however, see it as bordering on the paranormal – mysteriously transforming people into mindless robots. Now our recent review of a number of research studies on the topic reveals it is actually neither. Hypnosis may just be an aspect of normal human behaviour. Hypnosis refers to a set of procedures involving an induction – which could be fixating on an object, relaxing or actively imagining something – followed by one or more suggestions, such as “You will be completely unable to feel your left arm”. The purpose of the induction is to induce a mental state in which participants are focused on instructions from the experimenter or therapist, and are not distracted by everyday concerns. One reason why hypnosis is of interest to scientists is that participants often report that their responses feel automatic or outside their control. Most inductions produce equivalent effects. But inductions aren’t actually that important. Surprisingly, the success of hypnosis doesn’t rely on…

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No Butts – It’s Time To Help People With Mental Health Conditions Quit Smoking

By Habits, Mental Health, Smoking Cessation

No butts – it’s time to help people with mental health conditions quit smoking Ben Harris, Victoria University; Holly Beswick, Deakin University; Jenny Bowman, University of Newcastle, and Kate Bartlem, University of Newcastle Australians with mental health conditions are more than twice as likely to be smokers as the general population. About 22% of people with a mental health condition smoke daily compared to a national rate under 13%. And the more severe your illness, the more likely you are to smoke. For example, about 60-70% of people with psychotic conditions such as schizophrenia smoke. We don’t have clear evidence for why this is the case, but there are several theories. These include that people with mental health conditions may smoke to self-medicate or to cope with social exclusion. People with mental health conditions are also more likely to have lower levels of education and higher levels of unemployment, which are accepted risk factors for smoking. Despite huge gains in getting Australians to quit since the turn of the century (22% of Australians smoked in 2001), people with a mental illness appear to have been left behind. They are a big group to overlook. More than 4 million Australians are…

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To Script Or Not To Script… That Is The Question

By Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Smoking Cessation, Weight Management

To Script Or Not To Script… That Is The Question Or a review of ‘Advanced Ericksonian Scripts’ by Dan Jones The Script Debate Within the hypnotherapy community, there is a lot of debate about the use of scripts. One of the key arguments against the use of hypnosis scripts is simply that they’re too generic and too ‘one-size-fits-all’, whereas what hypnotherapy clients will often require is a more tailored-made approach. Another concern with using scripts is that they can’t go into more advanced, interactive techniques that perhaps require a hypnoanalytical approach. When a hypnotherapist learns his craft, and provided that he has come from a reputable training organisation, there is the expectation that they should be comfortable with techniques such as Parts / Ego State Therapy, Regression, Ideomotor Responses, Fast Rewind and other techniques that could be attempted via a script but really do need more flexibility to achieve success with a client. Think of it a bit like the old ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books where, depending on what route you wished to take, you would turn to a different page to continue the story. On the flipside of this, there is certainly some use in scripts and with…

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Understanding Hypnosis

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Understanding Hypnosis Why is understanding hypnosis beneficial? You might’ve seen videos of hypnotists on stage making people pretend to be rock stars or quacking like a duck. You might’ve read about people who made out that they went to see a hypnotist and, through the magic of hypnotism, ‘put them under’ and then seemingly removed the issue so that, when they ‘awoke’, the problem no longer existed. These are all fairly unrealistic ideals about what hypnosis actually is and could go towards creating some misconception about hypnosis actually ‘works’. If you’re planning to go and see a hypnotherapist to work on an issue, an understanding of what hypnosis is will allow you to relax, enjoy the experience and assist you in obtaining a potentially even better result. What is hypnosis? Have you ever been on a train and noticed how people seemed to be staring off into space. You can tell that they’re deeply transfixed on a thought that is bringing their focus inwards and absorbing their attention. Sometimes that absorption may be so deep that they could have someone they know walk up to them and have to wave their hand in front of their face to raise their…

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