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Breaking Addiction Through Counselling and Hypnosis

Today, addiction seems omnipresent – from alcohol, drugs, and smoking to gambling, technology, and even food. Although traditionally considered as a physiological response, our perception of addiction often holds greater significance.

The Underlying Causes of Addiction

More than just a ‘chemical dependence’, addiction is largely an ‘experiential avoidance’. It’s a momentary escape from underlying issues. Interestingly, people with a supportive home environment show significantly lower addiction tendencies.

From my experience, those grappling with addiction often wrestle with self-criticism. They magnify their flaws, intensifying their self-destructive behavior.

Shame: The Invisible Chain

Many victims of addiction let their overwhelming shame dictate their actions, making it harder for them to address underlying problems. Although it might offer temporary solace, avoiding root causes isn’t sustainable.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

In ACT, addictive behavior signifies deviating from personal values due to external pressures. Through counselling, individuals discover their core values and beliefs. Recognizing and separating from negative self-perceptions is pivotal. By understanding that these are merely thoughts, one can make decisions aligned with their true self.

Transitioning to a New Perspective

Until we adopt new skills and perspectives, we remain ensnared by the very thoughts and emotions that fuel addiction.

Hypnosis in Breaking Addiction

Hypnosis enhances motivation in recovery, helping individuals visualize a positive future. Recent studies indicate hypnotherapy’s effectiveness against ice addiction, proving the myriad of tools available to combat addiction.

Helpful Resources

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