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Expert Stage Hypnosis Training

The Best Expert Stage Hypnosis Training Is Coming To Melbourne

Hypnotherapy HQ is THRILLED to be hosting Dan Candell and Michael DeSchalit for their upcoming 'Expert Stage Hypnosis Training' in Melbourne.

Michael and Dan have joined together and created the Expert Hypnosis Training curriculum which brings quality and professional training to hypnotists and change workers.

Their materials, support, and dedication are detailed and generous. They both truly want their students to be successful.

Michael DeSchalit

Michael has been teaching stage hypnotists from around the world for over a decade.

He has authored several books for hypnotists to accelerate their careers and to develop better techniques for stage and clinical settings.

Michael practices what he preaches, and has a successful and formulaic way for teaching people how to do stage hypnosis for all settings.

You can also check out Michael's Youtube channel for more content and a good laugh!

Dan Candell

Dan has been teaching, mentoring and coaching hypnotists from all around the world, and has been doing hypnosis for more than half his life.

He is also an author, podcast host, and journalist in the Journal of Hypnotism.

He travels around the country educating and entertaining with his hypnotic skills and antics. He also has a thriving successful hypnosis practice and a master of business and marketing.

You can also check out Dan's Youtube channel for more excellent content.

Why should you take this expert stage hypnosis training?

The answer to this may seem obvious. We always advocate taking as much training as possible. However, our previous students have reported that compared to other training programs, The Expert Stage Hypnosis Training is top-notch in the course layout, the materials they receive, how the course is presented and organized, and mostly, the bonuses and post-class support.

In addition, you are getting taught by TWO instructors who both have their own unique, yet COMPLIMENTARY views on how they conduct stage hypnosis shows. You get BOTH perspectives, so it's like getting TWO TRAINING CLASSES for the investment of one. This is also NOT a lecture class, yet a HANDS-ON training developed to give YOU the skills needed to start you on your journey of success.

Emma Romano explains why she is bringing Dan and Michael over


DATES: Friday 8th until Sunday 10th November 2019
WHERE: Hypnotherapy HQ - 370 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004