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The end of 2016 is going to be remembered as a period where each day brought a new celebrity passing for us to mourn.

One day after her daughter Carrie Fisher passed away, Debbie Reynolds suffered a stroke while planning her funeral and sadly left us as well. In what can only be described as a tragic state of affairs, it is an extremely sad ending to two incredibly gifted and talented women.

The loss of Carrie Fisher is made even more sad from the fact that she was such an advocate of discussion on mental health. She truly epitomized what it meant to be a mental health advocate, taking any opportunity that she could to bring mental illness issues into the light for discussion and to help to remove the stigma that is attached to it.

As mentioned in the opening quote on the Rolling Stones feature, Fisher understood that the power in talking about mental illness was to remove the shame that surrounds it. Shame cannot exist one it is spoken aloud and greeted with acceptance.

After her passing on the 28th December, many of her fans took to Twitter and did the unexpected; they came out about their own mental health issues. As a show of respect, many fans asked themselves, ‘what would Carrie do?’ The response was a candid, open disclosure for the world to see.

Carrie Fisher, you may have been one of the best, kick-ass Princesses that our generation could’ve hoped for but you were also one amazing individual who helped to remove shame and stigma to those who battle quietly with mental health. You promoted discussion, understanding, and acceptance. My hope is that you’re remembered as much for this heroic act as much as your legendary talent.

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