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Melbourne Hypnotherapists Practice
and Network Group

Are you in Melbourne and looking for a group of fellow hypnotherapists to practice with and learn from?

Then the Melbourne Hypnotherapists Practice and Network Group would be perfect for you!

Practice hypnosis with like minded professionals

The aim of the Melbourne Hypnotherapists Practice Network Group is simple.

The purpose of this networking group is to provide an environment where hypnotherapists can learn new techniques or refine existing ones.

This is an ideal group for:

  • people who are new hypnotherapists wanting to learn new skills
  • existing hypnotherapists who want to refine their skills
  • experienced hypnotherapists who want to help network and mentor therapists.

Explore new techniques and approaches with other hypnotists

Each event, a new topic will be announced. You can vote on the poll for the topic at the Melbourne Hypnotherapists Network Group on Facebook. This poll will close two weeks prior to the date confirming the next event topic.

For those who confirm attendance, you will be sent your 'study notes' a couple of weeks in advance. This will give you plenty of time to read/watch what is provided and to get an idea of how it will run.

At the practice group, we will quickly go over the process and then break up into groups for you to go and practice.

We will then come back together and discuss:

  • what worked for you during that process
  • what did not work for you or needs to be improved upon/li>
  • what feedback did your partner offer to you and how can that help/li>
  • any other observations that would be beneficial/li>

Time permitting, this will repeat a few times, partnering up with new people throughout the session to ensure that you have a few run-throughs of the process and that you have a better first-hand understanding of it, both as the hypnotherapist and as 'the client'.

An opportunity to network and connect with other hypnotists in Melbourne

This is NOT a training group as such. The intention is to provide a deeper understanding of the process and new tool(s) with each session that you can walk away and use straight away. In some cases, we may ask a guest to present for us however the intention is that you come prepared with an understanding based on the material provided and ready to practice.

The intention is to provide a wide variety of topics as well, simply so that some may be of interest to you while others may not. The list below is nowhere near the full list – more a self-observation about what kind of techniques and protocols are used most frequently and may be beneficial for discussion, practice, and refinement. We don't want to do issues like 'stop smoking' or 'weight management' - more to explore processes and tools that can be used across a variety of presenting issues.

Some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Effective Counselling Questions
  • The Successful Pre-Talk
  • Suggestibility Tests
  • Rapid Inductions – especially the Elman Induction - Session 2
  • Utilization of Hypnotic Phenomena
  • Anchors
  • Control Room
  • Cross Roads
  • Parts Therapy / Roy Hunter Style
  • Regression Work
  • The Swish Pattern
  • The Visual Squash
  • Six-Step Reframe - Session 1
  • Utilisation of Metaphor
  • Working with Submodalities

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