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Unlocking Private Health Fund Rebates for Hypnotherapy

Understanding Health Fund Rebates for Release Hypnosis

Are you wondering if your private health cover includes hypnotherapy sessions with Release Hypnosis? You are not alone. A frequent question many people have is whether their hypnotherapy session can be covered.

Here's what you need to know: Policies regarding hypnotherapy coverage vary widely between different health funds. Furthermore, it has become increasingly common in recent years for funds to reduce rebates for hypnotherapy services.

To get a clear answer, we recommend reaching out to your fund directly. Make sure to inquire about the specific level of cover you have.

Connecting with the Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists (GOAH)

Lawrence Akers, the expert behind Release Hypnosis, proudly maintains membership with the reputable Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists (GOAH). This organization oversees potential health fund rebates, offering an added layer of assurance and benefit.

After settling your invoice, you can request a receipt featuring the GOAH member number of Lawrence. Keeping this number at hand will facilitate a smoother rebate claim process, should your health fund allow it.

How to Secure Your Release Hypnosis Receipts

Securing a receipt for your sessions is straightforward. You have two options: either visit the CONTACT page or send an email to The goal is to assist you in having all necessary documents ready for a hassle-free claim process.

Release Hypnosis Melbourne Hypnotherapy

Since 2016, Lawrence Akers has been working under the name Release Hypnosis offering Hypnotherapy and ACT based work to the people of Melbourne or an online service. Based on St Kilda Rd, Release Hypnosis is an easy and convenient location to get to and accessible by the ANZAC station train and tram stop. Release Hypnosis can help with a wide range of presenting issues, and I offer a free 30 minute no obligation discovery call for those who are unsure if hypnotherapy is the right way forward for them.

Book Your FREE 30 Minute Consultation With Release Hypnosis NOW!

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