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Private Health Fund Rebates on Hypnotherapy

Health Fund Rebates for Release Hypnosis

It isn’t uncommon for people to ask if their hypnosis session is covered with private health cover.

The reality is that many health funds will have different policies towards if they cover hypnosis and hypnotherapy or not. It may be worth contacting your fund directly to ask if they offer cover with the level of cover that you’re on.

Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) Health Funds

As a member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA), Lawrence Akers (Release Hypnosis) is covered with the following health funds:

Australian Unity
CBHS Health Fund
Credicare Health Fund
Grand United Health
Health Care Insurance Limited
Health Partners
Medibank Private
Navy Health Fund
NRMA Health Insurances
Phoenix Welfare
Queensland Country Health
Railway and Transport Health Fund Ltd
Reserve Bank Health Society
Teachers Federation Health
SGIC Health Insurance (SA and NT)
SGIO Health Insurance (WA)

You may also claim for hypnotherapy using my Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) membership number which is: 0814942.

Every month, the AHA sends a list to the health funds, so if there is no specific provider number, then you simply tell your health fund that we are on the AHA list.

Release Hypnosis Receipts

If you require a receipt of payment for your sessions at Release Hypnosis, simply email and they will be provided to you.

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Lawrence Akers

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My approach is simple; I work with clients to determine what they want to get rid of, what they want instead and what that gap in their resources are that is preventing them from doing it. My focus is not just on motivation but on the capability to do it as well.