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Why Everyone Should Know Their Attachment Style

By Relationships, Trauma

Why everyone should know their attachment style Helen Dent, Staffordshire University If you’ve suffered from anxiety, depression or relationship problems, a psychological theory called “attachment theory” can help you get to the root cause of your difficulties and give you a greater understanding of what’s going on. Attachment theory was developed by British psychiatrist John Bowlby in the 1960s. The theory explains how our brains are programmed to help us survive and thrive in the environment we are born into. John Bowlby, father of attachment theory. Wikimedia Commons Our self-esteem, ability to control our emotions and the quality of our relationships are all affected by our attachment style. We’ve known for over 50 years that attachment styles can predict and explain children’s behaviour. More recent research has shown that attachment styles also continue to affect our behaviour in adulthood. Four attachment styles Infants develop one of four main attachment styles in response to the care they receive from their parents or other carers during infancy. Carers who are sensitive to children’s needs foster a “secure attachment style”. Carers who become distressed and retreat when their children are upset create an “avoidant attachment style”. Carers who respond sensitively but are often…

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