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Tips To Help You Create Your Own Hypnosis Audio Product

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Tips To Help You Create Your Own Hypnosis Audio Product One of the easiest ways a hypnotherapist can create a passive revenue stream is to sell content online. Whether it be an individual, self-contained sessions or a program that consists of modules and a recording for each, you can set up a website and automate the process so that you’re (literally) making money in your sleep. While it might seem daunting for many hypnotherapists to do that, armed with a few skills and some creativity, you could be online with your recordings, helping people make meaningful changes in their lives and making money on a global market quickly and easily. There are other benefits from having your sessions available online too. Many people will happily consider ‘giving you a try’ for $10+ and exploring what you can do via a recording before they consider paying out $150+ for a one-on-one session or $500+ for a program. Here are some tips that can help you to create your online products quickly and easily. Using yourself as inspiration There are many hypnotherapists out there who believe that they should be recording everything. Whether it be to listen back to your session to…

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