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Tips To Help You Create Your Own Hypnosis Audio Product

One of the easiest ways a hypnotherapist can create a passive revenue stream is to sell content online.

Whether it be an individual, self-contained sessions or a program that consists of modules and a recording for each, you can set up a website and automate the process so that you’re (literally) making money in your sleep.

While it might seem daunting for many hypnotherapists to do that, armed with a few skills and some creativity, you could be online with your recordings, helping people make meaningful changes in their lives and making money on a global market quickly and easily.

There are other benefits from having your sessions available online too. Many people will happily consider ‘giving you a try’ for $10+ and exploring what you can do via a recording before they consider paying out $150+ for a one-on-one session or $500+ for a program.

Here are some tips that can help you to create your online products quickly and easily.

Using yourself as inspiration

There are many hypnotherapists out there who believe that they should be recording everything. Whether it be to listen back to your session to self-assess or to offer it to your client (either for free or at an additional cost), recording your sessions allow you to capture those nuggets of gold that you produce within your sessions, sometimes created in the moment.

Sometimes you may not be sure of your exact wording either. We all know that hypnotherapists will frequently go into a trance state with their clients and it isn’t uncommon for us to have our Hypno-patter roll off the tongue straight from the subconscious, knowing what our clients need at the moment to make that shift.

While client confidentiality is always paramount, if you record your sessions, you can utilise your own hypno-patter when you’re constructing your scripts to record. Note, under no circumstances would you ‘release’ a recording that you did in session with a client as this may risk breaking confidentiality as well as being far too tailored for the client you were seeing at the time.

What’s missing?

There would be an advantage to look at the market and determine what is the missing need that exists within your niche? You might be wanting to create some ‘bread and butter’ recordings based on your niche (ie. Weight management, Gastric Band, Smoke Cessation, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia) or you may want to consider all the variations that might exist within that.

For example, if you were to look at insomnia, you would know that it exists in many forms.

There are those who go to bed and struggle to fall asleep. Then you have those who fall asleep easily but then wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to go back to sleep. Then you have those who can’t sleep unless it is a certain condition (lights on, other people, music) or even, as I once had, someone who slept fine every night except for one night of the week.

Within each of these will be different reasons why it might happen, whether it be stress and anxiety, depression, pattern habit, etc. As you can see, you could easily have 9-10 different records based solely on what I’ve just mentioned above. For that reason, it is worth sitting down and creating a matrix of problems that your client might face with a certain presenting issue.

From there, you can sell them individually OR package them together (some people may experience more than one of these things).

The recording experience

Some obvious tips here; the environment you record in is almost going to be as important as the content you’re recording. No software in existence is going to ‘easily’ get rid of the sounds of dogs barking, kids yelling, partners complaining or passing traffic. Finding an environment that is quiet and has as many soft surfaces as possible will help to create a recording that is intimate and free of noise.

While people may feel inclined to print out their scripts on paper, I’d highly advise against it for the simple reason that, no matter how careful you are, turning pages makes a noise. You could use high-quality plastic pockets to house your paper in or, as I often do with clients, sticky tape the pages to the wall and read them off there. What is often best is to send your script to an iPad or tablet and read it from that or to use a free teleprompter option on your computer desktop to scroll the script. Can’t afford Microsoft Word? Then look at using the FREE Microsoft Word Online application instead.

If you make a mistake while you’re recording, pause, make a loud noise to ‘audio mark’ the waveform, pause, then continue from the start of the sentence. When you view the waveform back at the end of the recording, the audio marking will indicate where you need to do editing, making the process so much quicker and easier. Without it, you’re going to have to listen to the entire recording again in order to find where you need to edit.

Create a library to make it easy.

Chances are that you’re likely to be reusing some of your inductions, deepeners, PREMS and return to full awareness. You can make it easier for yourself by recording those parts individually and then piecing together your session as required. For example, if you have those elements on file ready to go, you can then simply record the therapy required and then piece together your session from there on your computer.

What if I need more skills with the audio software?

The internet is filled with tutorials on how to use the various audio applications out there. Many people may even find that they record the sessions to their phone however these same people will often complain about the quality and wish that it could sound a little more professional.

If you’re someone who prefers more one-on-one training, you might be pleased to know that my Recording For Hypnotherapists Workshop will be returning in Melbourne and across Australia next year. After 11 successful workshops to date, it has evolved from a two-hour workshop to a full day training that is content rich, lots of fun, and brings out that creative spirit in all of us.

Within this workshop, you’ll learn all about the software required (which you receive prior to the workshop to install on your computer), how to edit, how (and when) to add effects, how to add background music, how to create binaural beats and how to export it all as either a WAV or MP3 file at the end of the session. You’ll also get a comprehensive ebook manual (over 100 pages of content) and membership to the private Recording for Hypnotherapists Facebook group for ongoing support. Best of all, you get all of this for less than half the price you would have to pay for an hour in a professional recording studio and you’ll learn skills and techniques that will have you capable of producing decent quality recordings yourself when inspiration strikes.

If you can’t wait until the next live workshop though, you might be keen to know that there is an online version currently available. Running in at close to five hours of content, you’ll get comprehensive training, the full manual AND access to the Facebook Group for on-going support so it is a win/win situation.

Current ‘Recording For Hypnotherapists Workshop’ Opportunities

Recording for Hypnotherapists – Recording Basics 101
FREE online course with over 1 hour of content to show you the basics right away.
Click here to access the course immediately.

Recording for Hypnotherapists Workshop Online (Self Paced)
Click here to make payment and follow the instructions on the following page to access the training.
NOTE: As of June 2021, we are currently in the process of moving the training platform. You’ll be given access to the private Facebook Group which also houses a copy of the course, and you will be given full access to the new platform once it has been revised and relaunched. You have lifetime access to this course and the updates.

Recording for Hypnotherapists 6 Week Online Training
This is ideal for anyone who is hoping to have a little more hand-holding during the training process with 6 weeks of training content, 8 weeks of Zoom calls, and an exclusive Facebook Group.
The next one starts on Monday, October 18th 2021 and costs only AUD$400 – that’s only AUD$50 a week!
Payment Plans option is available here.
For more information on the course and/or to sign up, click on this link: here.
If you don’t need any further information and you’re ready to sign up, click here.

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