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Why Every Hypnotherapist Should Learn How To Record

Learn Hypnosis Recording The Easy Way!

There is no doubt that hypnotherapists who learn how to record hypnotic content can create far more opportunities for their business. Let's explore some of these key ways and consider if this could be of benefit to you too.

Your Voice Is Your Most Powerful Tool

Think about it: what's a hypnotherapist's most valuable tool? Clearly, it's their voice. We acquire numerous techniques and therapeutic approaches to serve our clients. However, without our voice, achieving desired outcomes becomes challenging.

Our voice defines us and ensures our success.

Your Voice Is Your Calling Card

I'm an advocate for every hypnotherapist learning how to record their voice.

It is our tool of the trade. It can often be one of the reasons someone may choose to come and see you because they feel that you have the right voice for them.

They've heard it and they can feel that relaxation immediately. It gives them the confidence that you're the right therapist for them.

For those who are unsure, here are some of the top reasons why you should learn how to record your sessions.

Attract new clients

Ever visited websites offering free downloads for your contact details? Typically, these are landing pages with 'lead magnets'. The goal? Build a database of interested individuals. Then, using tools like Mailchimp, you can market to them. Remember, many potential clients need multiple interactions before committing. Offering valuable content is a great way to start that relationship.

Sell your scripts online

Let's think about this logically. Even if you sell single sessions online at AUS$19.95, you could begin to make some passive revenue from your recordings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even better, what if you put together a program that contained several recordings and increased the price point up around AUS$100-$200. You could easily begin to make quite a nice revenue stream from your passion of writing scripts and recording them online.

Even better, offer one up as a lead magnet or the first one at a reduced price to give a taster and then continue to use your database to promote your ever growing range of recordings.

Offer to clients between sessions

You've gone and done the training for Sheila Granger's Virtual Gastric Band. As part of that program, you need to provide your client with two recordings in between sessions. You could use Sheila's own excellent recordings however they're in her voice and, as you know in the second recording, you need to customise it to the information that your client has provided.

What do you do?

You can hire someone to record them for you however this can often be an expensive option especially since the quality you require can, in most cases, be achieved easily with your home equipment and minimal spend.

You could also record it on your phone however I know many hypnotherapists who take this approach and just wish that they could sound a little 'more professional'.

Become the specialist with your podcast

If there is one golden rule of marketing, you need to become a specialist in your niche. What easier way to do that and to share your passion but through a podcast.

Learn how to record your podcast and share it on a platform like Podomatic. You can even link this across to iTunes or create a Youtube channel.

This will give you the opportunity to show the world your specialisation, build your reputation as being the industry leader, and potentially win more clients which, ultimately, this is all about.

The Recording For Hypnotherapists Workshop

Whether it is expanding your client base (lead magnets, podcast), passive revenue (online sales) or saving money (expensive audio engineer costs), there is enormous value in learning how to record and produce your own audio recordings.

The Recording for Hypnotherapists Workshop is a hands-on workshop that covers all of this and more. You'll learn how to record using free audio recording software, how to edit your recording, how to clean it up and add effects, how to include background music and how to export it as a WAV or MP3 file (and even what that means if you don't know!)

You'll also learn how to create binaural beats and even explore some of the unique recording techniques well-known hypnotherapists use in their own recordings. This workshop has been designed from the ground up with hypnotherapists in mind.

You can get access to the ONLINE VERSION of the workshop immediately from the links at the bottom of this page if you're keen to start that learning process. You'll also get access to the Facebook Group where you can ask questions and gain on going support as you continue to learn.

We will be announcing more dates for the group Workshop in Melbourne shortly and expect to follow it up with some dates in other cities in the near future.

Alternatively, you can drop me a line via the Contacts tab and we can discuss one-on-one training for those who prefer something more bespoke.

A little bit of training can certainly help to open the way for a new passive revenue stream which can free you up to continue working with the kinds of clients you want to work with while still sharing your ability to heal with the world.

Ready To Jump Into The Six Week Training?

Current 'Recording For Hypnotherapists Workshop' Opportunities

Recording for Hypnotherapists - Recording Basics 101
FREE online course with over 1 hour of content to show you the basics right away.
Click here to access the course immediately.

Recording for Hypnotherapists Workshop Online (Self Paced)
If you're looking for an online library of content that will take you from beginners to advanced with hypnotic audio creation, then this is the online training for you.
Included in the price is 13+ hours of video content (and growing) covering everything from recording basics 101, effects, background music and soundscapes, binaural beats and frequencies, podcasting basics, and even how to take your skills and apply them in a more practical way.
You'll also have access to a private Facebook Group and you get one free one-one-one Zoom call to answer any questions you might have from the course.
All this for only AUD$450 - Sign up Here!

Recording for Hypnotherapists 6 Week Online Training
This is ideal for anyone who is hoping to have a little more hand-holding during the training process with 6 weeks of training content, 8 weeks of Zoom calls, and an exclusive Facebook Group.
The next one starts on Monday 15th January 2024 and costs only AUD$500 - that's only AUD$62 a week!
Payment Plans option is available here.
For more information on the course and/or to sign up, click on this link: here.
If you don't need any further information and you're ready to sign up, click here.

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