Book Review: Resource Therapy Primer

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Book Review: Resource Therapy Primer Gordon Emmerson, PhD It’s been quite some time since I last experienced Resource Therapy. Going back in time (yes, metaphor intended), I was studying my Diploma of Hypnotherapy when I had the pleasure of Gordon Emmerson himself showing our class an introduction to the therapy over a weekend. As you would expect from someone who has written and taught so much of it, he made it look effortlessly easy. I recall my first ‘attempt’ at utilizing Resource Therapy with a client. Everything seemed to be going according to plan, vivifying the experience and bringing in the introject (more on these after) in order to release his expression only to find that, instead of a ‘you were never there for me’ moment, it was an ‘I love you’ moment. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go! In that moment, I quickly improvised to allow him to know that this love will always be with him, to support him and guide him through difficult times. Phew! Only recently, I had begun to feel a fascination with the therapy again. I remember my dear friend and fellow hypnotherapist Joe Busuttil saying to me once that, after a…

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Mentor’s Corner – Parts Therapy with Melanie Canning

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HYPNO & CHAT THERAPY – MENTOR’S CORNER Remember what it was like when you first learned Parts Therapy? Think back for a moment to the first time you learned Parts Therapy. If you were like me, you may have been excited yet confused about all the possibilities that existed with this technique. What if Parts didn’t come forward? Or what if so many came forward, you were confused about which Part was what? Over time, as you explored working with Parts Therapy, you may have had your own experiences that you hadn’t thought of when you were learning it. I myself have had instances where Parts have come forward that could not be named or weren’t able to identify their function. When you have experiences like that early on, it can easily put you off utilising Parts Therapy for fear of getting it wrong. As you can imagine, it is important to continue to fine tune our craft and techniques to ensure that we can provide the best service possible to our clients as well as to give us the confidence and skill that we need to provide a top shelf service. That’s what Mentors Corner is all about; being…

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