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How I Learned To Tell Myself To ‘Shut Up’

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How I Learned To Tell Myself To ‘Shut Up’ Or, how to embrace your confidence and to eliminate toxic shame. For much of my adult working life, I’ve worked within the recruitment sector. Creative recruitment, to be exact. My role was often very demanding. I’d be required to find new clients (including cold calling), maintain existing client relationships, ask for and take job briefs, search for suitable candidates, interview suitable candidates, reference check suitable candidates, present across the suitable candidates and then, lastly, convince the client as to why they were the most suitable candidates that they would be able to find. On top of all of that, while this was going on, we were often finding that we would need to justify our existence and our rate every step of the way. There is often a line within that industry that people never choose to be a recruiter, it is a job that they fall into. When it came to creative recruitment, it was often just that tough harder as we weren’t talking about a job that people just ‘did for the money’. These were creatives and their jobs were often a reflection of who they identified themselves as…

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Book Review: Resource Therapy Primer

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Book Review: Resource Therapy Primer Gordon Emmerson, PhD It’s been quite some time since I last experienced Resource Therapy. Going back in time (yes, metaphor intended), I was studying my Diploma of Hypnotherapy when I had the pleasure of Gordon Emmerson himself showing our class an introduction to the therapy over a weekend. As you would expect from someone who has written and taught so much of it, he made it look effortlessly easy. I recall my first ‘attempt’ at utilizing Resource Therapy with a client. Everything seemed to be going according to plan, vivifying the experience and bringing in the introject (more on these after) in order to release his expression only to find that, instead of a ‘you were never there for me’ moment, it was an ‘I love you’ moment. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go! In that moment, I quickly improvised to allow him to know that this love will always be with him, to support him and guide him through difficult times. Phew! Only recently, I had begun to feel a fascination with the therapy again. I remember my dear friend and fellow hypnotherapist Joe Busuttil saying to me once that, after a…

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Conversational Regression Jess Marion Review Release Hypnosis Melbourne Hypnotherapy Counselling

Book Review: Conversational Regression

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Book Review: Conversational Regression By Jess Marion I have, to be honest, I accidentally bought this book. It’s this thing with Kindle where, if you choose a sample of the book, the first option when you go to relocate the file is to buy it instead of moving it. Long story short, this book came into my possession via a ‘wrong click’ however it is one wrong click that I am extremely grateful for as ‘Conversational Regression’ delivers and then some. I think back to my time studying Regression and, while no reflection on the Academy who I trained with, felt that we were often given some good tools about how to regress someone back however it kind of felt like it ended there, often with no real idea about what to do once we got to the initial sensitising event. Over time, I’ve learned a handful of different techniques to help at this point however I almost wish I had discovered this book earlier as it covers everything in such wonderful detail. Not only do we look at what the steps are for those who like to be told things in steps, we go into detail about why each…

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