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Everything You Think You Know About Addiction Is Wrong

When you discover everything you know about addiction is wrong

Johann Hari offers an excellent TED Talk where he explores some of the age-old myths around addiction and shares some of the newer research that is more about re-connecting people back into the community. He talks about countries that made sure addicts had a reason to get our of bed in the morning and have a sense of purpose in their lives.

He offers up the concept of real connections, stating that 'if you have a crisis in your life, it won't be your Twitter followers who come to see you.' He observes the parody of social networking, our obsession with exchanging 'stuff' in our lives for the sake of real connection.

This is a fascinating insight into addiction that is worth your 15 minutes investment to understand why some people struggle with addiction in their lives. He also offers up some simple suggestions about what you can do to assist the addicts in your life.

Johann Hari also has a book available titled 'Chasing the Scream'.

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