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OUTthink Is Taking a Quick Break... And Will Be Back Soon!

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of time to continue to produce a podcast series like OUTthink. Between approaching guests, organising times, recording, editing, uploading and publicising, there is a lot of work involved!

With that in mind, OUTthink is taking a short break to make time to record new guests and to get some insightful and engaging content together. We've got some awesome guests coming up in the very near future!

In the meantime, there is six months of OUTthink to go back over if you haven't heard them all already. Below are some of the most successful episodes as streamed on Youtube to date!

Ep 9 - Brian Madigan - Naked Gay Man

Brian Madigan runs Get Naked Guru and this podcast looks at stripping ourselves down to our vulnerable self and being authentic. It is also the one and only video OUTthink podcast we've done to date but something that we're exploring as a more regular format in the near future.

Ep 11 - Matthew Cooksey - The Velvet Rage

I approached Matthew to do an OUTthink episode on the book, 'The Velvet Rage' as it was a text that I knew we both loved dearly and frequently referred to. I knew that it would make a fascinating conversation to capture and hopefully our passion and discussion for the book might either encourage others to pick up a copy and read it or to consider the points that we had discussed.

Ep 14 - Anthony Lekkas - Same Sex Domestic Violence

A topic that perhaps isn't often discussed in the context of the LGBT community, Anthony really helped to offer insight into how domestic violence impacts on same sex relationships. I personally found this episode to be a real eye opener, especially when considering the various ways in which a relationship can be abusive.

Ep 7 - Sally Goldner - Exploration of Transgender Issues

Even within our own community, there can be a lot of misunderstanding around etiquette with the transgender population. I felt deeply honoured to have the wonderful Sally Goldner be a guest so early on in the series and to talk so openly about her own story discovering her transgender identity and offering insight into some of the challenges the transgender community face.

Ep 1 - Daniel Cordner - Living with HIV

The whole idea for OUTthink came about one afternoon when I had caught up with my friend Danny for a coffee. During the course of the conversation, we were discussing the fantastic work that Daniel had done for the HIV Speakers Bureau and how he was breaking down the stigma associated with HIV+ men through his talks. We found that the discussion extended beyond this into some of the 'hot topics' within our community as well as reflecting a lot of the research that I was doing myself within the mental health space. I asked Danny before the end of that catch up if he would be interested in doing this podcast and within a few weeks, we had got together to record it. This is actually the second attempt to record it; the first was good but felt more like a test to see what worked and what didn't. I honestly don't think I could've asked for a better first guest that Danny and the fact that this podcast continues to rate in the top 5 is testimony to that.

Check out the OUTthink Youtube Channel Page Here!

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