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OUTthink - When Joey Dumped Keane (Or When Friends Just Disappear)

What did I do?

In this episode of OUTthink, we're going to take a look at what happens when you start to lose friends and you're not entirely sure why. For most people, their circle of friends is absolutely vital to them. For the LGBT community, who may not always have the support of their families, their friends might be the closest thing they have instead. So what happens when you have friends who suddenly seem to just disappear on you?

The ones who just 'went strange' and no longer wanted to talk to you?

The ones who accused you of being something that you're completely not?

Even the ones who you would've said knew you better than anyone else, and then they just vanish?

For many people, it can bring up deep-rooted feelings of not fitting in, of being flawed, of not being loveable.

For others, it may leave them constantly wondering what they did wrong as they go on an endless search to find meaning to an otherwise meaningless event.

Even in this current political climate where the emotions of the LGBT community can be heightened from the postal vote on marriage equality, the understanding that they are likely to know someone who will vote 'no' can feel like a personal attack on them.

In this podcast, Joe Busuttil and I look at those situations where a friendship takes an unexpected and uncomfortable turn, and what you can do to help diminish that emotional discomfort.

About OUTthink - An LGBT Podcast

OUTthink is a fortnightly podcast aimed at shining a light into topics of mental health and mental wellbeing relating to the LGBTQIA+ community. As a community, we need to be able to discuss topics that are uniquely related to the gay, lesbian, transgender and the many diverse labels in-between, that impact on our psychological well-being.

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