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No Wonder Isolation’s So Tiring. All Those Extra, Tiny Decisions Are Taxing Our Brains

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No wonder isolation’s so tiring. All those extra, tiny decisions are taxing our brains Anxiety, depression, loneliness and stress are affecting our sleep patterns and how tired we feel. But we may be getting tired for another reason. All those tiny decisions we make every day are multiplying and taking their toll. Is it safe to nip out for milk? Should I download the COVIDSafe app? Is it OK to wear my pyjamas in a Zoom meeting? All of these kinds of decisions are in addition to the familiar, everyday ones. What shall I have for breakfast? What shall I wear? Do I hassle the kids to brush their teeth? So what’s going on? Read more: Here is why you might be feeling tired while on lockdown We’re increasing our cognitive load One way to think about these extra decisions we’re making in isolation is in terms of “cognitive load”. We are trying to think about too many things at once, and our brains can only cope with a finite amount of information. Researchers have been looking into our limited capacity for cognition or attention for decades. Early research described a “bottleneck” through which information passes. We are forced to…

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OUTthink – When Joey Dumped Keane

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OUTthink – When Joey Dumped Keane (Or When Friends Just Disappear) What did I do? In this episode of OUTthink, we’re going to take a look at what happens when you start to lose friends and you’re not entirely sure why. For most people, their circle of friends is absolutely vital to them. For the LGBT community, who may not always have the support of their families, their friends might be the closest thing they have instead. So what happens when you have friends who suddenly seem to just disappear on you? The ones who just ‘went strange’ and no longer wanted to talk to you? The ones who accused you of being something that you’re completely not? Even the ones who you would’ve said knew you better than anyone else, and then they just vanish? For many people, it can bring up deep-rooted feelings of not fitting in, of being flawed, of not being loveable. For others, it may leave them constantly wondering what they did wrong as they go on an endless search to find meaning to an otherwise meaningless event. Even in this current political climate where the emotions of the LGBT community can be heightened from…

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Top Tips for your Mental Wellbeing this Christmas

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While Christmas time is traditionally seen as a time of family, sharing, laughter and love for many, it can often be filled with difficulty, loneliness, isolation and depression for others. For those experiencing mental illness, this time of year can be far more difficult to deal with than most. Consider that, for those who find the day to day difficult enough as it is, the added pressure of Christmas brings with it additional spends that could impact a tight budget, additional parties for those dealing with addictions, and spending time with family and friends for those who are just not in the right headspace to endure these things. It is estimated that 1 in 4 people will suffer from a mental health issue at some point; imagine what kinds of additional strain periods like Christmas may place on that person. Wonderful organisations like Beyond Blue commit to providing additional support to people in need over this period in order to help those who are feeling alone, alienated or ‘orphaned’ (for many reasons) to get the connection and assistance that they need. What kind of pressures exist for people this time of year? Financial pressures; not being able to afford gifts,…

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Being OK With Not Being OK

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If you’re like me, you may be thinking that 2016 has been one of the more difficult years we’ve experienced in a while. It seems like every day, as I check into my social media and see what is happening in the lives of my friends, this year has been riddled with challenging situations, difficult decisions and most painful of all, loss. Even as therapists and counsellors, we are not immune to these difficult experiences. I’ve personally had a very challenging past month and have recently noticed my own feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, anger and even rage coming to the surface. While I am no stranger to these emotions, when they do present themselves in my life, they come as something of a surprise as they’re feelings we feel so infrequently, and when we do, so uncomfortably. The rage is especially challenging. It seems to be fuelled by a combination of hopelessness and self-anger for being unable to control what life is throwing at us. It bubbles under the surface and then we find something small and insignificant can trigger it off. When you find that a car taking too long to turn a corner or people taking too long…

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