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No Wonder Isolation’s So Tiring. All Those Extra, Tiny Decisions Are Taxing Our Brains

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No wonder isolation’s so tiring. All those extra, tiny decisions are taxing our brains Anxiety, depression, loneliness and stress are affecting our sleep patterns and how tired we feel. But we may be getting tired for another reason. All those tiny decisions we make every day are multiplying and taking their toll. Is it safe to nip out for milk? Should I download the COVIDSafe app? Is it OK to wear my pyjamas in a Zoom meeting? All of these kinds of decisions are in addition to the familiar, everyday ones. What shall I have for breakfast? What shall I wear? Do I hassle the kids to brush their teeth? So what’s going on? Read more: Here is why you might be feeling tired while on lockdown We’re increasing our cognitive load One way to think about these extra decisions we’re making in isolation is in terms of “cognitive load”. We are trying to think about too many things at once, and our brains can only cope with a finite amount of information. Researchers have been looking into our limited capacity for cognition or attention for decades. Early research described a “bottleneck” through which information passes. We are forced to…

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Maintaining Mental Health and Surviving Christmas

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Maintaining Mental Health and Surviving Christmas As I wrote last year, while Christmas is a time of joy and family for many, it can also be a source of pain, discomfort, and anxiety for others. For those who have lost or have no family, it can be a period of sadness with constant reminders of a ‘family Christmas’ lurking everywhere. For those who suffer from anxiety, it can be an extremely stressful period as they consider if this overload to the senses (or to their wallet) may leave them feeling apprehensive and on edge. Even just as a ritual in itself, Christmas can potentially trigger a lot of uncomfortable feelings for people that they would rather not experience annually. Then you have those people who are trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle. For those who are trying to lose weight or reduce their drinking or stop smoking, Christmas can prove to be a series of obstacles making their end goal just that little bit more challenging. Let’s face it, you would need to be a saint to get through Christmas without at least a handful of moments of self-indulgence. For some people, giving into this temptation may leave them feeling…

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It’s Time To Manage My Weight Again…

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It’s Time To Manage My Weight Again Weight Management has always been an important topic to me. When I first started up the Release Hypnosis website a couple of years back, the first blog that I wrote looked at how I lost my weight and how I managed to keep it off. Realistically, I’ve been fairly successful at keeping it off over that time too and I can confidently say that I’ve managed to avoid becoming as heavy as I was then again. Then again, we are always constantly in changing situations and, with that, we can often find that old habits can resurface if we don’t bring an awareness to them. Over the past few months, my weight has begun to creep back on. I’m sure we’re all familiar with that feeling of stepping out of the shower, seeing ourselves in the mirror and feeling like we’re not being the best version of ourselves that we can be. This week, I’m making a change. I’m going back to basics. I’m stepping in on my habits now and making changes before I find myself in a state that makes me feel disappointed with myself, robs me of my self-esteem and…

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Getting Mental Health On The Line – Weekending 09/04/17

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Getting Mental Health On The Line – Weekending 09/04/17 This is a weekly post to act as an additional resource for both clients and fellow therapists alike. This week, we’re presenting some of the best from the past week featuring topics as diverse as trauma recovery, healing physical and emotional pain, battling depression, binge eating, deactivating negative emotions, a sneak peak at fantasies, and lastly a look at secrets of happiness and how to install resilience, confidence and compassion. If you have a video that you would like featured in our weekly roundup, then drop Lawrence a line with a link to your video. Trauma Abuse Recovery–Coming Out of Denial For Our Own Sake By Lisa A. Romano Breakthrough Life Coach Inc. Narcissistic abuse, sexual abuse, as well as emotional abuse, are terribly difficult to heal from. Many of us are in denial about just how bad our abuse has been. Healing will require us to learn how to let go, but not many of us know how to do so. I wanted to highlight a letter from a Youtube viewer who was struggling with accepting their life just the way it is now. They want things to change and…

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How Does Hypnotherapy Work With Weight Loss?

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How does hypnotherapy work with weight loss? “It seems like no matter what I do, I just can’t seem to lose the weight.” If you were to come up with a ‘top five’ of presenting issues that people approach hypnosis for assistance to change, weight loss would be up near the top. For many people, hypnosis has proven to be really beneficial in their desire to manage their weight successfully with some saying that they found that they no longer felt the desire to eat the quantity that they had before or that their desire to eat the ‘problem foods’ simply seemed to disappear. While the claims can be very appealing, it still doesn’t explain how it works and so I wanted to take a moment to talk about what your hypnotherapist would be looking for in meeting with you and what approaches they may decide to take. Of course, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to using hypnosis for losing weight. Consider this; if there was one absolutely sure-fire, guaranteed way to lose weight quickly, easily and permanently, probably every other approach would simply disappear through redundancy. The fact that we are all different human beings who have come to…

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Don’t Think You Have Enough Self-Control? Try Believing That You Do.

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Don’t think you have enough self-control? Try believing that you do Elliot Berkman, University of Oregon Around this time each year, my family and I, as well as Jews around the world, celebrate Passover. Like many Jewish holidays, this one features a range of symbolic foods and eating a large meal. And like many Jewish holidays, this one ends with me fielding the mostly rhetorical question from my relatives, “Why did I eat so much?”, quickly followed by a lament along the lines of, “I have no self-control around food!” This is a relatable feeling. We’ve all had an experience with overeating at some point in our lives. But is this failure of self-control caused by not having “enough” self-control, or could other factors like beliefs and mindset matter even more? Self-control is not fixed Many people hold the view that self-control is a quality that remains stable throughout a person’s life, similar to IQ or personality. Research in psychology has also generally supported this view. For example, a famous experiment showed that children who were able to resist eating a marshmallow for a brief period of time in favor of getting two marshmallows later went on to do better…

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The Benefits of Mindfulness

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The Benefits of Mindfulness What’s all the fuss about this ‘Mindfulness’ For the longest while, I couldn’t understand what all the fuss about this ‘mindfulness’ was. Was it the latest buzzword that everyone needed to get on board with? How could it be useful in losing weight, or reducing stress and anxiety, or any of the multitude of things that others had claimed? My first experience of mindfulness was an interesting one. I was doing my Cert IV in Hypnotherapy at the time. The lecturer asked us to close our eyes and to simply observe the sounds that we could hear. I can recall her saying, ‘allowing the sounds to come to you… holding no judgment… just noticing them like you were hearing them for the first time ever.’ Even in that moment, something began to shift. It was like trying on a new hat; I had to consider what it was like to be curious again and to hear something new for the first time. I would later go on to learn the value of curiosity in learning, exploring and playing. She then asked for us to focus solely on the breath. Perhaps we could notice the feeling of…

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Free Training: Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance online course

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Tired, distracted and stressed by the pace of modern life? Mindfulness might be the solution. When I first learned mindfulness, I wondered what all the fuss was about. To me, it felt a little bit like all I was doing was ‘focusing on the breath’ and, to be honest, I found it all rather boring and difficult. I did learn earlier on that it was a lot harder than what I had anticipated. The challenge was to simply focus on my breathing and yet my mind would often wander onto so many other thoughts and ideas. I would sit and begin the process, counting each breath, but soon found that my focus would turn to what I had planned for later in the day, some past event that was annoying me, or even if I was simply doing it right. It wasn’t until I began to realise that mindfulness was really about training the brain to allow me to choose what the distraction would be. Would it be the difficulties that we experience in everyday living, or would it be ‘the breath’? As I continued to practice mindfulness, I found it became useful in another way. It allowed me to…

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Tips for Mindful Eating

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Tips For Mindful Eating In this day and age of diet overload, Mindfulness and mindful eating have pushed it’s way to the front of the queue in assisting people to build a new relationship with food where they can feel more enjoyment from their meals and satisfied on smaller amounts. You may recall in my first article I talking about the fact that I was a mindless eater. I would find myself sitting in front of the television, shovling food in and completely unaware of the fact that I was full. My mind and my stomach had stopped communicating with each other and I had become completely unaware of the signals telling me to stop eating. As my focus wasn’t on the food infront of me but more likely on Neighbours or The Biggest Loser, I became completely oblivious to how much I was eating, how many calories I was taking in or, to be honest, even what the food tasted like. In fact, I often argue with people when they tell me that they ‘love food’ in that they can’t love it that much when they cram it all in the way they do and don’t take the time…

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