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Release Hypnosis Celebrates It’s Two Year Anniversary

No one knows when they start a small business if it is going to be successful or not. The fact that Release Hypnosis is still going strong two years on is something I’m happy to celebrate.

I used hypnosis to make the changes I needed in my life and it began my desire to learn more. Over the past two years, I’ve seen a diverse range of people and helped them to overcome issues that were making life difficult for them. I’ve worked with everything from sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, OCD, smoking cessation, weight management, virtual gastric bands, nail biting, fear of flying, fear of driving, resolving grief, pain management… you name it, I’ve been asked about it.

Even better is that I’ve been able to provide some much-needed niche services to Melbourne.

I began running the successful Recording for Hypnotherapists Workshops, helping to teach local therapists skills to provide ongoing support to their clients and to help build their business. I also collaborated on a workshop that explored shame and the impacts it has on our lives.

I started OUTthink – a podcast that shines a light onto the mental health issues that face the LGBT community, and I’ve been thrilled at the many gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender guests who have said that they would be involved both locally and internationally. In fact, the LGBTQIA community has become something of a focus for me as I recognise that there is a need for greater awareness around mental health for gay and lesbian folk and I’m proud to be one of the few hypnotherapists in Melbourne who focus heavily on the unique needs of this community.

I’ve gone into partnership with two other fantastic hypnotherapists to form Hypnotherapy HQ, offering inexpensive and insightful training opportunities, room hire space as well as housing our own individual services.

In hindsight, I’ve managed to fit in a lot over the past two years! And there are plans on the way that I hope to start rolling out within the next 12 months!

To celebrate our anniversary, I’m offering a ‘two for two-year anniversary special’. Book now and mention the ‘two for two-year anniversary special’ and you’ll receive two sessions for the price of one! That’s a generous 50% off our standard session price! (Terms and conditions apply)