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Release Hypnosis’s Lawrence Akers on JOY FM

Many years ago… in fact, back in my 20s, I used to have a radio show on JOY FM. It wasn’t much of a success. To be honest, I think I look back and even cringe a little. It was, however, at a time when both JOY FM and I personally were finding our feet.

Twenty years on and I like to think we’re both a little older, wiser, and far more professional.

After recently appearing on an episode of OUTthink, Dean Beck very kindly returned the favour and asked me to come in and do an episode of JOY FM’s highly rating Wednesday night show ‘Hide and Seek’.

Despite trying to conceal a hideous cold, I made my way into the studio. Hoping that the cold and flu tablets were not going to reduce my to a rambling mess (yes, they were original recipe on demand so that I could actually breath properly!), I had to admit that Dean and Ben made it a really enjoyable experience.

I know I walked out afterwards thinking that it really didn’t feel like an hour and that there were some questions that we began to answer but didn’t quite get there or topics that were mentioned in a second and then forgotten about the next but then, that’s part of the fun of radio.

With that, I thought it would be fun to share the episode now that it has made it online for anyone out there curious enough to hear what a mix of nerves, cold & flu tablets and a sheer determination to say yes to a great opportunity when it comes along actually sounds like.

For more information on JOY FM, check out their website and you can find more information the brilliant Hide and Seek show on their page too.

Click play to listen to the episode.

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