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When Your New Year Doesn’t Start The Way You Wanted

By Habits, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Smoking Cessation

When Your New Year Doesn’t Start The Way You Wanted Did your 2019 start off the way you wanted? Do you want your New Year’s Eve back so that you can do it all again? Let me tell you, mine absolutely has not started the way I wanted. Here I am, day 14 of the new year as I sit to type this, only beginning to now feel like my year is starting. After beginning the year with a pinched nerve in my back that left me spending most of it horizontal, the ability to get my year underway has felt like nothing short of being robbed from me. The frustration of not having the start to the year that you hoped for can have such an impact too. Whether it was planning to quit a habit (such as smoking or over-eating) or plans to start a habit (exercising, meditation) when you feel like the year hasn’t provided the right space to achieve that, you can often feel like beating yourself up and downright complaining. Which, to be honest, is what I kind of did. Well, until the past few days anyway. I came to the conclusion that I would…

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